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America Is in a Class War, Not Race War



Unnamed (1)“The Communist Manifesto” begins with the phrase, “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.” According to Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the proletariat (workers) would inevitably overthrow the bourgeois (capitalists) in a colossal battle for the control of the means of production.

Needless to say, Marx and Engels cannot be considered clairvoyant, because almost 200 years after their magnum opus was penned, their predicted proletariat vs. bourgeois battle has not happened. At least not on the grand scale that Marx and Engels envisioned.

However, over the past few months, America seems to be inching dangerously close to the class struggle that Marx and Engels anticipated all those years ago. And although the mainstream liberal media is trying their best to portray the unrest in America as a struggle for racial equality — it is not.



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  1. Actually it is in a RACE war as well as a class war.
    Whenever you have 90+% of Blacks, 70-75% of Hispanics and Asians voting for Democrats it is an undeclared but real war against Whites.
    Denial of that reality is what got us into this mess and ever more 3rd world immigration both legal and illegal.
    El Stupido’s like both George Bush’s never could figure this out.
    The class war is not necessarily by income. Many lower income hard working people support Trump while the wealthy elites hate him.
    I will stop because this is a blog. But I could write a dissertation on this topic.