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Angry Duckworth spews more venom at Trump in fundraising letter


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From Duckworth's Twitter feed

CHICAGO – Illinois' junior US Senator Tammy Duckworth succeeds in drumming up sympathy for the serious injuries she sustained while serving in the US military. Every American is thankful for the sacrifices she and all our troops have made and are committed to showing his appreciation when men and women that bear scars of those sacrifices run for political office. We want and need their input, voters think. 

But during the time Duckworth has served with US Senator Dick Durbin, she's become more and more vocal in expressing what could be pent up anger – especially against the Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump. She was being considered for the vice-presidency bid with Biden, but lost out to Kamala Harris. She could be angry that she lost the chance to be Commander-in-Chief, succeeding Biden. 

Observers are concerned that Duckworth's simmering animosity and hatred appears to be on the verge of an emotional explosion – all expressed with the purpose of raising funds to be re-elected to a second term in a few years. She may need counseling before then. At least anger control help.  

Here's the fuming fundraising letter Duckworth's campaign sent out this week – in its entirety. In it, she leads with a statement that is an outright lie about the president. But it gets worse: 


Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 11.11.26 AM

Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 11.11.11 AM

Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 11.10.55 AM

Feel the burn? That's one angry person. Someone needs to help her before she sends out another proof of growing instability – for her sake, as well as the U.S. Senate's and the U.S. itself. 


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  1. Wow. That sort of fiery, hatful rhetoric and vitriol surely inspires me to vote for her Party /s. I suppose she can’t offer ideas or solutions because that would get in the way of her reciting the pre-programmed narratives that have been downloaded into her head.
    But one thing that truly baffles me: she joined the military — for whatever reason, served active duty, and lost her legs. I’m sure she’s seen a lot of hell there and has earned respect for her service.
    So she comes home and decides to get into politics — for whatever reason. She’s taken under the dark, diabolical wing and tutelage, of none other than… Dick Turbin. I don’t know if she was always a leftist, or if Turbin brainwashed her and cultivated her into being a leftist over time — we may never know. But now she sidles up to a Party who hates the military, hates law enforcement and wants to see it defunded/abolished, hates America as we know it, and wants to change it into a third world Socialist $h!thole… kind of like the place she served in, or what Chitcago is turning into. She’s spewing some really anti-American stuff that — if I didn’t know better — would burn up her disabled veteran capital into a deficit. Does she understand any of this? Or is she really this utterly blind?

  2. This whole “suckers” story has been discredited.
    It was started by a leftist writer who quotes “anonymous sources,” which translated means: NO sources at all.
    It’s a LIE made up by the so-called liberal “reporter” in question. “Liberal” with the truth as well as “liberal” in his politics.
    No one present heard Trump say any such thing, and all who were present have said so.
    The Democrats are desperate to split anyone who supports Trump away from the President, who has ALWAYS supported and honored the boots-on-the-ground service men and women…and those troops KNOW IT.
    Like Dick Durbin, Duckworth is a disgrace to Illinois.

  3. Tammy Duckworth is suffering from an extreme and incurable case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. She the least qualified person to ever represent Illinois in the United States Senate in my lifetime.
    She was promoted and manufactured by Democratic pols, including Durbin and Emanuel, solely due to her checking off several boxes in terms of identity politics and intersectionality. She was sent to Du Page County to take a seat and Congress and when she failed at the polls, she was handed to political sinecures in the Illinois Department of Veterans and, later in the national Veteran’s Administration. She proved to be a much criticized mediocrity in both posts.
    She is an angry and insecure person who trades in unverified rumors and debunked allegations. He veteran status is used to insulate her from criticism.
    Nothing this political hack says is worth taking seriously. I doubt that she has managed to sponsor a single important bill in Washington that has been enacted into law.