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Black Lives Matter descends into a war against our nation’s foundations




Black Lives Matter turns against America's founding principles. Robert Woodson writes:

Though Black Lives Matter started as an authentic call for social justice, after being taken over by violent anarchists, it has steadily descended into a war against the foundations of our nation. Its vicious, senseless violence has taken its greatest toll among the most vulnerable low-income communities it purports to speak for.

Support for Black Lives Matter became a popular and facile way to signal one’s virtue. But do Black Lives Matter supporters such as LeBron James and other NBA stars, mayors of cities that are under siege, and corporate philanthropies condone the wanton violence, devastation, and death that are now perpetrated by radical, violent anarchists in the name of “social justice" for black people?

If not, they have a moral responsibility to say that — and to explain that to the residents of low-income communities whose neighborhoods have been devastated by rioters and looters and whose children have been left defenseless and dead as police officers, under attack, have abandoned protecting their streets.

[Robert Woodson, "Black Lives Matter Descends Into a War Against Our Nation's Foundations," Washington Examiner, September 3]


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