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‘BLM’ Organizations Say ‘Black Lives Matter,’ but They Mean ‘Be Like Marx’




The Movement for Black Lives and Black Lives Matter, colloquially known as “BLM,” are Marxist organizations whose views are in fundamental opposition to the values that America was founded upon. (And no, I’m not talking about racism. I’m talking about individual liberty, free markets, and the Constitution.) How do I know this? Because I went through the unprecedented, incredibly difficult task of going to their websites and reading their platforms.

Among the many Marxist demands these BLM organizations are making include:

  • “Real, meaningful, and equitable universal health care”
  • “A constitutional right at the state and federal level to a fully-funded education”
  • “A progressive restructuring of tax codes at the local state, and federal levels, to ensure a radical and sustainable redistribution of wealth”
  • “Reparations … in the form of a guaranteed minimum livable income”
  • “Reparations … in the form of corporate and government reparations … and ensuring our access and control of food sources, housing and land”
  • “Reparations … in the form of mandated public school curriculums that critically examine the political, economic, and social impacts of colonialism and slavery, and … the recognition and honoring of our collective struggles and triumphs”
  • “Federal and state job programs that specifically target the most economically marginalized”
  • “democratic control over how resources are preserved, used and distributed”

Many of these items are, of course, unquestionably Marxist and/or socialistic. Others are extremely progressive. Most are right in line with what the far left–regardless of race–has been demanding for many decades.

Not convinced yet? Consider a few statements from the founders of BLM (again, the organization, not the slogan).



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