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Ridings: COVID hysteria will be the mistake of an American generation



UnnamedBy Jim Ridings - 

My favorite children’s fable has always been “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” That is because I have seen it in action almost every day of my life.

In the fable, a vain emperor who loved clothes was approached by con men who promised to weave him the most beautiful outfit ever. The con men told the emperor the thread is invisible to fools. Since the emperor did not want to be thought a fool, he pretended he could see the material and he pretended he could see the clothes when they were finished. The emperor ordered a parade so his subjects could see his beautiful new outfit. The villagers, afraid to look foolish and afraid to cross the emperor, also pretended to see the outfit, even though the emperor was parading around in nothing but his underwear. Everyone complimented the emperor on his new clothes.

Finally, one small boy, who was innocent and honest and who could see and speak the truth, shouted, “But he has no clothes!” At last the emperor and the public admitted they had been duped and there were no new clothes.

Someday, those who worshipfully follow the dictates of the emperor who now rules every aspect of our lives will wake up and see that this emperor has no clothes.

Someday, Americans will realize that the Covid-19 hysteria was the biggest mistake we have made in more than a generation.

The politicians say we must “trust science.” Which science are we supposed to trust? Political science? Only a fool believes that scientists cannot be bought as easily as politicians can be bought. Ask a “scientist” who is funding his “studies.”

As for the predictions these scientists made — Where are the 2 to 4 million dead bodies they predicted we would have by now?

Why are health care workers and grocery store clerks not dropping dead by the millions? They come in contact with hundreds of people every day. Why are all of them not coming down with the virus?

The CDC said that some people who have had the common cold virus test positive for Covid because antibodies from the cold are from the same family of coronaviruses.

The CDC has changed its views on masks, how the virus is transmitted in the air and on surfaces, and other “medical science facts” back and forth several times.

What is the death toll they are giving – 180,000 people? With the false numbers attributed as covid deaths, the real number is a small fraction of that – no more than the normal annual flu deaths.

This is science. But just about every projection the “scientists” made has been wrong.

The most amazing statement is that most people who have tested positive are “asymptomatic,” meaning they have the virus but no symptoms. So — this virus is so deadly but you have to be tested to know if you have it. There are experts who say you cannot have a deadly virus and not be sick. When I have the flu, I know it. How about you?

Remember the TV commercials in the 1950s and 1960s when this doctor or that doctor recommended a certain brand of cigarettes because it had less tar and was “safer?” Menthol cigarettes were cool and soothing. That was “science” then.

Governor Pritzker set an arbitrary 8 percent “positivity” rate as his benchmark for his unconstitutional edict of shutting down American business. Where does he get that number? Liberals say we should follow "science," but there is no science in his thinking. Why not 3 percent? Why not 12 percent? Science is easy if you make it up as you go along.

There are so many cases of “false positive” readings that there really is no science at all – and therefore no real positivity rate. A look at the numbers shows many listed as “Covid deaths” were people in their 80s and 90s who already were dying of other conditions.  Some experts say that if we could get an honest reading, the death rate would be the same as the normal annual flu.

The respected Edgar County Watchdogs finds no “science” in the reasoning for the lockdowns and the other unconstitutional acts of Governor Pritzker and other politicians across the country.

“In a time where ‘science and data’ is supposed to be the driving force behind protecting Illinois citizens, one must wonder why there is no data for cases tied to protests or casinos.  Remember all the criminals he released?  Prison or jail accounted for only 3.76 percent. Churches account for 2.3 percent of the cases in Illinois, retail stores account for 1.2 percent and sports teams .97 percent – and 3.39 percent for the bars and 4.97% for the restaurants.”

The Watchdogs report adds that what is being told to the public does not match what is being shared with health departments across the state.  Information reported to the public is not found on documents shared with local health departments.

Further, “While the governor continues to claim science and data are the driving force behind his tyrannical lockdowns and orders in this state, maybe he should explain to the public why the actual deaths are declining even though cases are on the rise? “

What would cause such fake reporting of numbers? For one thing, the hospitals are paid a bounty by the government. The high the numbers, the more they are paid.

The shutdown has caused stress and mental strain that have resulted in countless cases of suicides, wife beatings and child abuse across the state. The DuPage County coroner just reported that suicides and overdose deaths in his county are up 52 percent this year, compared to the same period a year ago. There are no real numbers statewide because the government and the media does not focus on anything against the shutdown.

In addition to the silence from the governor about suicides and domestic abuse, he also doesn’t want to tell you about the thousands of criminals he has released from prison – released for their safety from Covid-19, he said. Many of these criminals have committed robberies, rapes, child molestations and murders after being released.

The same logic is the reasoning for the shutdown of businesses, the shutdown of schools and churches, and the isolation of millions of people — all done for our “safety.”

Could you have imagined an America where murderers and other criminals went free, while people were arrested and jailed for attending church?

Thousands of small businesses have been ruined and will never reopen. People who have been put out of work have lost their health insurance and their savings. But the politicians think an unemployment check, and dependence on the government, will make it all right.

We have a multi-billionaire governor who does not care one bit about the thousands of people he has put out of work or the hundreds of businesses he has destroyed. He will not be missing a meal.

The logic of our leaders is unbelievable. They want you to believe the virus knows it can attack a few dozen people in a church or a restaurant but not hundreds of people in a supermarket or a home improvement store.

They want you to believe the virus doesn’t show up in bars until after 11 p.m.

They want you to believe a mass gathering of protestors, rioters and looters is safe, but a mass gathering of Trump supporters is a virus “super spreader.”

They want you to believe that waiting in line in a supermarket is safe but waiting in line to vote is not.

They want you to believe that workers they deem as “essential” and who come into contact with hundreds of people every day are safe but teachers and others who come into contact with a smaller number of people are not.

They want you to believe we cannot go to a restaurant, a ball game or any other public gathering until we get a vaccine for a virus that already has a 99.6 percent survival rate.

They insist you wear a mask to keep from getting Covid-19 but never previously ordered it for the common cold, the flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis or other communicable diseases.

The leaders back all this up with “science.”

I don’t have Covid and you don’t have Covid, but if we shake hands we both will drop dead of Covid on the spot.

However, this hysteria is more than a mistake. It is a deliberate fraud, a con job that makes the emperor’s tailors look like amateurs.

Nothing should ever have been shut down. As with the annual flu, it goes through the population and we develop a herd immunity.

America has added trillions to the national debt, put tens of millions of Americans out of work, ruined countless businesses and industries, shut down schools, closed churches, cancelled civil rights and liberties – and given unlimited dictatorial powers to governors and other officials.

Part of the purpose of creating this hysteria was to see just how easy it was to control and manipulate people.

Just stay inside, just wear a mask, just let the government inject you, just let the government track you. It is amazing how many people are all right with this.

It is mostly liberals who buy into this hysteria. They are brainwashed by whatever they read in the biased media. Since the media hates President Trump, the media is making this virus look much worse than it is so they can blame him for it.

Liberals have turned fear into a virtue so they can feel they are better than others. They feel virtuous by snitching to the authorities on their neighbors. The worst regimes in human history have advocated that.

The Mask Nazis do not study statistics or look at the science behind this. They blindly put on the masks because the government told them to do it. They are that easily manipulated.

There are those who think the Democrat governors have done this because they want to ruin the economy in order to try to defeat President Trump. They also want to shut down Trump rallies, which have attracted tens of thousands of people, while Democrat rallies have only brought out very few people. Some people think this lockdown is just a drill for the government to see just what it can get away with. But all that is for conspiracy theorists to debate.

Covid-19 has ceased being a matter of science or even health. It is now a matter of politics. It is a matter of psychological manipulation.

Covid-19 is real. The hysteria is a hoax.

As one commentator said, it took nothing more than a virus with a 99 percent survival rate to convince many Americans to give up their rights as a free people.

There is a revolution brewing. People are getting tired of being shut in, kept out of restaurants, bars, ball games, churches and schools. They do not see the millions of dead people in the street that the “experts of science” predicted, and they want back their basic American freedoms that were illegally stolen from them by governors who think they are absolute dictators – absolute emperors who have no clothes.

Government is the deadly virus that is killing business and ruining lives.

People with health conditions that make them vulnerable to a flu virus should take precautions. If they want to stay indoors, they should.

But they should not force the rest of the country to hide indoors or to go out of business.


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  1. Excellent analysis! I agree with all Ridings has said here. He has succinctly explained the problems with the miserable way selfish political “leaders” have mishandled COVID-19. Too many have put the Democrat agenda and an irrational hatred of President Trump above public health and the economic well-being of citizens and of the country as a whole, by refusing to use established science in determining their actions, thus allowing fear and confusion to reign. The only means we have of bringing this abuse of power to an end is to re-elect our President, keep the Senate Republican, and win the House for the Republican Party. Hopefully, when that happens, more people will look back on the COVID experience of 2020, and see that during that period, the Democrat “emperor” was really wearing no clothes.