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Rossi: Democrat Attacks On Judge Amy Coney Barrett Are Attacks on Our Constitution and Civility




By Randy Rossi - 

The Democrats have reached a new low with their barbaric attacks on President Trump’s outstanding choice to replace Justice Ginsburg in the Supreme Court, Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Just as they did when President Trump successfully nominated her for the Seventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals 3 years ago, they are basing their attacks on her because she is a Catholic who strongly believes in God and our Constitution. That outrageous and barbaric attack on her makes you feel that Democrats are launching an “Inquisition” on people of faith similar to the attacks that were made on Catholic JFK when he ran for president.

There are several reasons why  all Americans should be outraged by this barbaric attack on a woman who has an outstanding record as a judge. First, it is unconstitutional. The first Amendment gives all Americans freedom of religion and thanks to that gift from our Founding Fathers, Judge Barrett’s religious beliefs are nobody else’s business, especially Democrats! On top of that, article VI, clause three of the Constitution proclaims that no federal officeholder or employee can be required to adhere to or accept any particular religion or doctrine as a prerequisite to holding a federal office or a federal job. Once again in plain English it is none of the Democrats business what Judge Barrett’s religious beliefs are! Every American should be reminded how low Democrats can get on this subject. When President Trump nominated Judge Barrett for the appellate court 3 years ago, Democrat Senator Feinstein attacked Judge Barrett because her Catholic faith “Dogma lives loudly within you”. That would be as insulting as telling Democrat Senator Feinstein that she couldn’t be a senator because her Jewish faith “dogma” lives loudly within her. No rational, moral, or patriotic American who believes in freedom of religion could possibly say that.

As bad as those attacks on Judge Barrett are by Democrats, it gets even worse. An extreme liberal Democrat has actually labelled Judge Barrett a “White Colonizer” because she had the audacity to adopt two Black children from Haiti. Pretty evil right, adopting two poor kids from Haiti to give them great lives in the greatest nation in the world? These Dems are perfectly OK with famous liberals adopting Black children from other poor Black nations like Sandra Bullock, Madonna, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Angela Jolie, and others but if a conservative adopts Black children from Haiti they are a “White Colonizer”! On top of that insanity, several Democrats have attacked Judge Barrett because she has 7 children and they say that she should not be working as a judge but should be home taking care of her children! Gosh, I thought Democrats believed in giving women “Freedom of choice”?

Professionally, Judge Amy Coney Barrett has outstanding judicial credentials. She graduated from college magna cum laude and then graduated from Notre Dame Law School first in her class and summa cum laude. She then served as a law clerk for Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia. Everybody who has worked with her from both political parties have strongly endorsed her. One would think that Democrats would be thrilled that President Trump chose an outstanding woman judge to replace Justice Ginsberg. Why aren’t they? Politics! First Judge Barrett is a strong “originalist” and “textualist”  which means that she believes that the U.S. Constitution is the foundation of our laws and should be followed, not rewritten by judges. She is also viewed as a threat to Democrat’s because she also believes in God and our Ten Commandments. Democrats of course want to rewrite the Constitution and take away many of our “God given rights” that are protected by the Bill of Rights like “Freedom of religion” and the 2nd Amendment. If Judge Barrett is appointed to the Supreme Court, Democrats are scared to death because a majority of Supreme Court Justices would also be “originalists” and “textualists” who would protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights. That’s great news for America and our traditional American values!

Finally, Democrats are using these horrific and immoral attacks on Judge Barrett because they know that they have lost the legal battle over whether or not President Trump and the Republican controlled Senate have the right to approve Judge Barrett. The Constitution not only says that they do, but it says that the president has the obligation to nominate an open Supreme Court seat right up until the end of his/her term. Since President George Washington, 29 Supreme Court nominees have been named in the year of a presidential election. In the 19 cases in which the Senate was of the same party as the president, those nominees have been approved 17 times or 89% of the time. Sadly because Democrats can’t win the legal argument to stop Judge Barrett’s appointment to the Supreme Court, Democrats are using immoral and barbaric tactics that attack the very core of our magnificent republic. Democrats are attacking our Constitution and civility!


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