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Rossi: incredible Covid 19 News!




By Randy Rossi - 

If logic can prevail and if the American people were properly informed, we just got some news that should completely change the Covid 19 debate. Up until now, we have all been told 24X7 by politicians and the news media that science says that we should shut down our economy, our schools, and isolate ourselves to save lives from Covid 19. Because we listened to them, over 40 million Americans have lost their jobs and 56 million kids have been kicked out of school all of which caused massive pain to 96 million Americans but we were told it was worth it because it saved lives. And many people believe that.

But we just got some incredible news that proves with science and facts that closing down our economy and our schools did not in fact save lives and instead caused massive pain for tens of millions of Americans for no rational reason. What is that news? Statista just reported that Sweden, which did not close down its economy nor shut down its schools now has a lower Covid 19 death rate per one million people than America and many other countries in the world. As of September 7, America has had 576 Covid deaths per 1 million people. The good news is that is better than many countries including Belgium, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Italy. The incredible news is that Sweden which did not shut down its economy and or its schools had 573 deaths per 1 million people, slightly less than America. Think about that, Sweden had slightly less deaths than America yet they didn’t shut down their economy or their schools and did not cause massive pain and suffering to their people! Instead of causing massive pain for its people, Sweden focused on isolating its older people (65 plus) who are most vulnerable to Covid 19 and let people under 65 live their lives since Covid 19 was a very low risk for them.

That makes perfect sense since we now know that the average age of people dying from Covid 19 is 78! As a result of this logical thinking in Sweden, their economy only shrank by roughly 10% while America’s economy shrank by 30% causing massive pain and suffering for tens of millions of Americans. That pain includes a dramatic increase in deaths by suicide, drug overdoses, alcohol abuse, and domestic violence and a dramatic increase in divorces as people lost their jobs and were kept isolated in their basements which causes severe depression. On top of that, the American Academy of Pediatricians and the CDC reported that keeping kids out of school causes permanent academic, social, and psychological damage to children that will last for a lifetime. That means that the 56 million kids we kept out of school will suffer because of that decision. Swedish kids did not suffer from that because they continued to go to school and yet not one of the 1.8 million kids 15 and younger who continued to go to school in Sweden died from Covid 19. Based on science and facts, who made the right decision, Sweden or America?

In case the numbers are confusing, let me make this even simpler. Sweden and our state of Michigan have exactly the same populations of ten million people. As of September 7, Michigan which has aggressively shut down their economy and schools had 6,813 deaths and Sweden which did not shut down its economy and schools had 5,838 deaths. Do the math. Sweden had 975 less deaths than Michigan which means that Michigan had 16.7% more deaths than Sweden did! Doesn’t that math and science say that shutdowns don’t work? And that doesn’t even count the number of residents of Michigan that died from suicide, drug overdoses, alcohol abuse , and domestic violence because of the shutdowns that Sweden did not do.

On top of all that data is the fact that Sweden is clearly creating a very strong herd immunity that is essentially killing Covid 19 in Sweden. The average Swede now has 2 times more T-cells which protect people from Covid 19 than the rest of the world which did shut down. That explains why Sweden’s death rate per day is falling to almost zero. So let’s add all this up again. Sweden which did not shut down its economy nor it’s schools because of Covid 19 has less Covid 19 deaths, far less damage to their economy, and no loss of life because of a shut down while America and the rest of the world which did shut down suffered enormously from the shut down but did not save any lives because of that shut-down. If science matters as liberals and the news media tells us it does, shouldn’t this news force us to reconsider keeping our economy and schools closed? Shouldn’t it force us to consider protecting and isolating our older people and let our younger people get back to work and to school to recharge our economy and dramatically improve public health? My fellow Americans, it is time to let logic and facts rule and to stop allowing irrational fear and hysteria rule! Sweden has showed us the way with science, facts, and logic. Do we have the courage and strength to follow them? Or will we let politics and fear rule over logic?

In case you don’t believe me, take about 60 seconds and Google “Covid 19 deaths per million people by country” and then open the “Statista” information. After confirming what I have shared with you is true, then ask yourself, “If I could get this information in just 60 seconds, why is this not front page news as we keep our schools closed and hurt our kids and keep tens of millions of Americans out of work”? Here is one reason to consider, Democrats and the “Fake News” know that the Covid 19 shut down has hurt President Trump as election day approaches. Have they turned this Covid 19 tragedy into a political weapon to try and win that election? Are they willing to cause massive pain to millions of Americans and hide the truth from you in order to win this election? That is worth some serious thought! How could any rational person vote for a political party that is willing to intentionally cause massive pain just in order to win an election?


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  1. In the absence of scientific (i.e., randomized sampling) data, it’s hard to know whether the shutdown was successful in reducing the mortality rate, or if COVID-19 is not as deadly as though in March.
    In lieu of scientific data, we rely on counts of infections and deaths, for which there are no national standards for assignation. These statistics are all numerator with no denominator. That’s not a good way to set policy or inform the public.