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Rossi: The “Fake News” Ignores Massive Proof of VP Biden’s Abuse of Power for Family Profit




By Randy Rossi - 

This past week the Senate released a critical detailed report on Democrat VP Biden’s massive abuse of power in order for his son and family to make a fortune from Ukraine, Russia, and China. Because Democrat VP Joe Biden is a candidate running for president, one would think this would be front page news so that voters could be properly informed so that they can make a rational choice in the November elections. Incredibly, most of the “Fake News” which is biased for Democrat Joe Biden and against Republican President Trump never even mentioned it to hide that news from the American people. Neither CNN, the NY Times, the Washington Post, and the majority of liberal news sources even mentioned this critical news once. That horrific bias is a threat to our democracy.

Thankfully, conservative news sources like the Wall Street Journal, Patriot Post, Fox News, and the Federalist did report on this so let me share a few key points of that Senate investigation most Americans haven’t heard about. Democrat VP Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden was hired by the most corrupt business in the Ukraine; Burisma, just weeks after President Obama put VP Joe Biden in charge of helping the Ukraine stop its massive corruption. Hunter Biden had no experience but was paid $50,000 a month or $600,000 a year to do what? Here is a clue, after Hunter Biden was hired, VP Biden went to Ukraine and threatened to withhold $1 billion of US aid if they did not fire the prosecutor that was investigating Burisma in 6 hours. VP Biden bragged publicly that after he threatened them, “Son of a *****, they fired him”! Sound OK to you? On top of that, Hunter Biden was paid $3.5 million from Russia through the widow of the former mayor of Moscow who was close to Putin. Imagine how the “Fake News” would react to that if one of President Trumps kids did that?

On top of that, the Senate report details a “vast web of corporate connections and financial transactions between and among the Biden family and Chinese nationals”. Hunter Biden alone got over $1.5 billion from China. Joe Biden’s brother James also made millions from China. Included in this is the sale of a U.S. company that produced defense weapons for the U.S. that was sold to China. The Biden family has made multiple millions from these connections. This all smelled so bad that officials in the Obama administration warned VP Joe Biden and other officials in the Obama administration that this all looked very bad and should be stopped. VP Biden ignored that advise. On top of all that, Hunter Biden paid women who were from Russia or other Eastern European countries who appeared to be linked to an “Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring”.  Does it get worse than that?

None of this was shared with the American people until the GOP controlled Senate made all of this public this week. But the “Fake News” continued to try and hide this by not reporting it. This horrific bias is much worse than just “Fake News”. It makes the “Fake News” an enemy of the people and to our democracy. As is always the case with Democrats, what they falsely accuse Republicans of doing, they do. Dems accused President Trump of colluding with Russia to get elected and we now know through recently released documents and investigations by the DOJ and FISA Court, Democrats were the ones who colluded with Russia to launch the treasonous “Russian Collusion Hoax” to impeach a duly elected president. Democrat Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid a former British spy millions of dollars which he used to pay a known Russian spy for a “Fake Dossier” which was illegally used to get FISA warrants to spy on President Trump and to slander and ruin the lives of innocent patriots like General Flynn and Carter Page with the goal of impeaching President Trump. Now we know that as Democrats tried to impeach President Trump for simply having a phone call asking the leader of Ukraine to investigate some inappropriate behavior by Democrat VP Joe Biden, they knowingly ignored the clearly illegal behavior of Biden when he proudly used a billion dollars of U.S. taxpayer money to force the Ukraine to stop investigating the most corrupt business in that country which his son worked for and made $600,000 a year for doing nothing more than using his V.P. daddy to protect their corruption. That is a perfect example of the illegal “Quid Pro Quo” behavior Dem’s falsely accused President Trump of doing!

It is time for all Americans to be outraged and to demand that justice be done. The Dem’s “Russian Collusion Hoax” and Democrat V.P. Joe Biden’s abuse of power to enrich his son and family is an attack on our democracy and the rule of law. Almost as bad as that is, the fact that the “Fake News” hides this outrage from the American people is an assault on our democracy and freedom. The American people need to know the true facts so that they can punish Democrat VP Joe Biden at the election booth for his illegal and unpatriotic behavior by voting for Republican Donald Trump!


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