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The National Popular Vote Ruse



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Dems want to abolish the Electoral College, which is why we must fight to preserve it.

Every four years, like clockwork, the American people are told that the next presidential election will be “the most critical election in our nation’s history.” Yet in the past, an electoral loss wasn’t the death knell for conservatives and Republicans. We’ll get ‘em next time, we’d say.

But now that the Left has nearly pulled off its National Popular Vote (NPV) scheme, there may not be a “next time.”

Last year, we warned readers that “Under NPV, future candidates for president would never again set foot in Nevada, Iowa, New Mexico, or any other state between New York and California. Think about it: Under NPV, a candidate could theoretically lose 39 states and still win the presidency.”

That would work out well for Democrats, who only need big states like California and New York to offset the rest of the country. It had to be a Democrat who called the states between the coasts “flyover country,” as their candidates care little for the voices in the heartland.



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