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The NFL Becomes a BLM Cheerleader



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National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell announced this week that the league will place the messages “End racism” and “It takes all of us” in the end zones of every team’s stadium to show that “the NFL stands with the black community, the players, clubs and fans confronting systemic racism.” In other words, the NFL will bow to the Black Lives Matter mob by virtue signaling these “social justice” phrases. Goodell added, “We will not relent in our work.”

Evidently included in the “work” is the decision to will allow players to virtue signal their “woke” solidarity by displaying four league-approved slogans on their helmets or jerseys. Those slogans are limited to the following: “Stop hate,” “It takes all of us,” “End racism,” and “Black Lives Matter.”


FYI – The staff of Illinois Review intends to boycott the NFL until they remove their leftist politics from the game. We encourage readers to consider doing the same.


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  1. “Football?” Isn’t that a game where guys in tee-shirts and shorts kick a white ball around a field , and aren’t allowed to touch it with their hands?
    OHHH! That’s called “soccer,” but only in the USA.
    That’s the ONLY type of “foot-ball” I am watching now.