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Pritzker Is Keeping Illinois Locked Down Not For Health But For A Federal Bailout




By J.D. Carl - 

Most governors are lifting restrictions and encouraging commerce. We’re returning to work, opening stores, and sending kids to school. But not in Illinois.

Although he’d never admit it, it’s clear that Pritzker is keeping businesses closed with the intent to smother the state economy. He justifies his continued shutdown by relying on the state’s “positivity rate” — the number of positive cases as a percentage of total tests. He arbitrarily determines the positivity level he’s unwilling to tolerate then manufactures a higher rate by slicing and dicing the state into “regions” to produce local COVID-19 statistics that deviate from the otherwise low statewide positivity rate of 3.6 percent.

As President Trump pointed out on Tuesday at the debate, Pritzker and his fellow Democratic governors think they’re hurting Trump and Republicans by shutting down state economies. In reality, they’re hurting Americans.



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