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Rossi: “Truthful Trump” and “Lying Biden” At the Debate




By Randy Rossi - 

It is absolutely amazing to watch the “Fake News” ignore the obvious and condemn Republican President Trump for doing his job by exposing Democrat VP Biden’s incredible and repetitive lies to the American people. As VP Biden told lie after lie in the debate, supposedly neutral moderator Chris Wallace (a registered Democrat) never once challenged VP Biden on his long list of obvious lies designed to slander President Trump or to hide the terrible and/or illegal things that he did while VP under Democrat President Obama. Because Chris Wallace did not do his job, President Trump had a choice; stay quiet to be “liked”, or speak out and expose those lies so that the American people had the truth so that they can make a rational decision at the poll in November. What would you do if you were in President Trump’s shoes?

To put this in proper perspective, one needs to provide examples of the outrageous lies that VP Biden told at the debate. Sadly, this shouldn’t be needed if the “Fake News” did their job, but because the “Fake News” is fully in the “Biden Camp”, they continuously hide the truth. So let me provide a list of some of the lies that Biden told at the debate:

  • When President Trump correctly said that China ate Biden’s lunch because they paid his son Hunter Biden $1.5 billion to help them, Biden said “It simply is not true”. Oh yes it is and it has been confirmed by multiple investigations!
  • When President Trump asked VP Biden about the $3.5 million Hunter Biden got from Russia and what he did to deserve it, Biden dishonestly said “It’s totally discredited”. That’s a lie as the Senate just released a report confirming it.
  • When President Trump interrupted Biden’s dishonest response and said “Well wait, didn’t Hunter get $3.5 million Joe? Biden responded again “that’s not true”. That’s a lie and President Trump was right.
  • Then President Trump correctly pointed out to Biden that within months after President Obama put VP Biden in charge of helping Ukraine fix its massive corruption, his son Hunter Biden with no experience was hired by Ukraine and paid $183,000 a month ($2.2 million a year), Biden’s dishonest response was “My son did nothing wrong with Burisma”
  • The President delivered the bombshell on Biden when he said “You stood up and threatened Ukraine of withholding $1 billion of U.S. aid if they didn’t fire the prosecutor who was investigating the company your son worked for”. Trump reminded Biden that his threat was not only on tape, Biden publicly bragged about that threat and Biden actually said on tape “Son of a b****, they fired him!”. Biden’s dishonest response was “That is absolutely not true”. Every American that watched that tape knows that Biden is an absolute liar.
  • Then President Trump correctly pointed out that Biden’s son made millions because of his dad’s position and power when he said “Hunter got thrown out of the military for using cocaine, he didn’t have a job until you became vice president, and he made a fortune in Ukraine, China, and Moscow because of your position as VP”. VP Biden’s incredibly dishonest response was “Not true. He wasn’t given tens of millions of dollars. That is totally, totally discredited”.  Actually it is all true VP Biden and your response is what is discredited and is on the record!
  • Biden continued the slanderous old lie that President Trump is a racist who sided with white racists in Charlotte on his comment that “They are all decent people”. What President Trump was referring to was the debate between decent Southern folks that want to tear down all Civil War statues because of slavery and decent Southern folks who want to preserve those statues to preserve Southern history and to recognize the bravery, suffering, and pain of the South even though their cause of slavery was obviously wrong. I know that President Trump is right on that because I lived in the South and saw it firsthand. In my opinion, blacks and whites have better relations in the South than in the North even though many whites still respect their history of bravery. The blacks in the South understand that and don’t hold it against them. After all, the North won (thanks GOP and Union Army!) and slavery ended in 1865! President Trump recently vowed to name both the KKK and Antifa terrorist organizations which proves that Biden was lying when he called President Trump a racist. As Trump correctly said, under his leadership, unemployment for blacks, Hispanics, and Asians reached the lowest point in U.S. history. Obviously Biden was being dishonest when he accused President Trump of being a racist.

VP Biden’s lies were overwhelming and obvious yet the moderator Chris Wallace never challenged VP Biden once on his lies. President Trump had no choice but to expose VP Biden’s lies in order to let the American people know the truth. He simply had no choice. And he should be complimented for doing his job. Sadly, too many Republican politicians put “being “nice” and “being liked” ahead of exposing the harsh truth. Sadly, in our divided country as Republicans focus on being “liked”, Democrats are following Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” to win which focuses on character assassination to defeat Republicans, not the truth. President Trump is not a politician, he is a businessman who understands competition. As Reagan’s former Secretary of Education Bill Bennet said when asked what he thought of Donald Trump he said “Sometimes you need a Mother Theresa and sometimes you need a Dirty Harry”. Given what is at stake and how low Democrats have gone, we need a “Dirty Harry” to expose and fight for the truth. That is exactly what President Trump did in the first debate!


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  1. This is a great article. I’m getting tired of hearing even Republican complain that Trump was too loud and not presidential. How else was Trump supposed to act when both Biden and Wallace were teamed up against him. Wallace has no business being at Fox in the first place.