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Rossi: Will President Trump Ever Get Credit for His Accomplishments?



UnnamedBy Randy Rossi - 

President Trump just had two major accomplishments that most Americans have not even heard of because they are not covered in the “Fake News”. First, Gallup just released a new poll which showed that 56% of Americans feel that they are better off right now than they were under President Obama. That is amazing given the difficulty we are all experiencing because of Covid 19. That tells you that VP Pence was right when he said in the debate with Kamala Harris that President Trump delivered the lowest unemployment in American history for Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians and provided a $1,200 pay increase for the average American through his tax cuts. Obviously, Americans get it since they now believe that they are better off under President Trump (56%) then under presidents Obama (45%) and both Bushes (GW 47% and GHW 38%) per the Gallup polls.

Second, President Trump just got his third nomination for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize for successfully negotiating the first new Mideast peace deal in 26 years between Israel, UAE, and Bahrain which is absolutely amazing. Those nominations came from Sweden, Norway, and Australia yet they are never mentioned on the “Fake News” because they can’t stand giving President Trump credit for anything. Because of that lack of coverage, most Americans don’t know about it. As I always say “If Trump walked across the ocean to Europe, the “Fake News” headline would be “Trump can’t swim!”.

During the debates, it was absolutely amazing to watch Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris lie about President Trump’s incredible achievements in just 4 years. First and foremost as I said above, under President Trump; Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians had the lowest unemployment in American history until we got hit by Covid 19. On top of that, after the initial Covid shutdown, America has seen a huge jobs recovery although we are still hurting. President Trump kept his promise to protect the Supreme Court and federal courts by appointing more solid conservative judges in 4 years than any previous president. He is the first president to hold China accountable for their massive cheating and stealing of U.S. technology to steal our jobs and our national security. He successfully renegotiated terrible trade deals that hurt American jobs with Canada, Mexico, Japan, and other countries that helped bring hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs back to America. He is the first president to get our NATO allies that have broken their 2% GDP defense promise for decades to dramatically increase their defense spending to defend themselves instead of relying on American “blood and treasure” to defend them. The bottom line is that it is absolutely and provably true that President Trump has accomplished more in just 47 months than VP Biden accomplished in his 47 years as a politician. Those are the hard provable facts!

The low point for Dems and the “Fake News” has to be that they couldn’t even celebrate or correctly report the fact that our 74 year old president completely recovered from Covid 19 in just a few days and kept working while he was at Walter Reed hospital. Instead of praising him for publicly showing the American people that he was doing well and that our country is making great progress in fighting Covid 19 so that we can get back to living normal lives, the Dems and the “Fake News” endlessly attacked him for daring to show up in public and “putting American lives at risk”. Never mind that he was on the White House balcony and hundreds of feet away from the public (CDC guidelines are just staying 6 feet away). Just when you think that the Dems and the “Fake News” can’t get worse, they do!

Sadly, because of the “Fake News” bias, most Americans simply don’t have the true facts which allows Democrats to spew their lies about President Trump’s incredible accomplishments. Here is another example of that, while Democrats ridiculously blame President Trump for the Covid 19 crisis which came from China that every nation on Earth is facing, they forget to mention that he was the first world leader to stop travel from China which Dr. Fauci says saved tens of thousands of American lives. Under President Trump, America became the leading producer of ventilators and we lead the world in testing for Covid 19. On top of that, because of President Trump’s leadership and his “Operation Warp Speed”, we are likely to have a vaccine for Covid 19 by the end of the year which is the fastest development of a vaccine in world history. The good news is that despite the “Fake News” hiding President Trump’s accomplishments, 56% of Americans do know that life is better today under President Trump than it was under President Obama. Let’s just hope that a majority of American voters can “connect the dots” and give President Trump the credit that he deserves in the November elections!


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