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Where’s Weyermuller? Attending Trump Rallies & Parades on Final Campaign Days




By Mark Weyermuller - 

It was a sea of red MAGA hats last night in Kenosha, Wisconsin. A crowd of over 15,000 saw President Trump’s second to last rally of the 2020 campaign season.  Crowds gathered all day at the regional airport to participate in what many are calling an historic election.


President Trump spoke for just under an hour ending with his new favorite song, YMCA by the Village People.  He hit on his usual points including his success in jobs numbers, good foreign policy, and talking about “sleepy” Joe Biden.  He mentioned the developing scandal with his son Hunter Biden and the mysterious laptop. 

Wisconsin US Senator Ron Johnson & Illinoisan Pam RoehlUnknown-5

On Sunday, over 500 people gathered in Mount Greenwood on the far south side of Chicago for a rally in support of the police, local candidates, and President Trump.  Governor Rod Blagojevich was one of the keynote speakers which Illinois Review reported on yesterday. 


Today,  Tuesday November 3, 2020 is the last day you can cast your ballot in this election.   Don’t worry, the next the election cycle starts tomorrow with only 730 day till the mid term elections in 2022.  



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  1. I also attended the Kenosha rally last night. The long wait to get into the rally site, and having to contend with the traffic just to find a place to park, didn’t daunt my enthusiasm. For what followed was all I could have hoped for.
    Seeing Trump’s rallies on TV is one thing, but to be caught up in the enthusiasm of so many Trump supporters was an experience that I will never forget. As a nice gesture, every person was given a free official Trump hat and pin.
    I also got to see the Trump’s family. All were called up to the stage: Don Jr. and Kimberly; Eric and Laura; Ivanka and Jared; and Tiffany.
    Trump had to hold a microphone for the first time at a rally to speak. Trump joked that the bill shouldn’t be paid to the people who set up the sound system.
    Trump once again did his dance at the end to YMCA.
    It was then off to Grand Rapids, MI. No time was lost. I was positioned so I could the Trump caravan of cars leave the rally for Milwaukee for a quick flight to Grand Rapids, MI. The Kenosha airport was too small to accommodate Air Force 1.
    What surprised me was all the secret service people and security guards which travel with Trump. The security guards come from all over this nation and are then assigned the rallies they are to cover.
    Large trucks were parked surrounding the event venue, lest any attempt should occur to disrupt the rally.
    By the time I arrived home, Trump was already in Grand Rapids, MI at his last rally of the day.