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Ives: I hope it will be said of our campaign that we kept the faith to the end




WHEATON – The voters of Illinois' 6th CD – a once very red area centered in DuPage County – chose Democrat incumbent Sean Casten over Republican conservative Jeanne Ives Tuesday – in a 51.5% to 46.7% race. 

Ives released this statement Wednesday morning:

November 4, 2020 – This morning, Jeanne Ives released the following statement in response to the 2020 General Election results in Illinois' Sixth Congressional District: 

My campaign took up the cause of freedom, prosperity and peace. We gave voters a clear choice between my opponent who will raise taxes and grow government, and my belief that more taxes will solve nothing. The contrast was clear. And there is some solace in the defeat of the Progressive Income Tax, which I fought against as a state legislator. I have always believed that the people in this district deserve more determination over their lives than government has over their lives. This is the cause that brought me to this campaign, and sustained me for 18 months – through a global pandemic, shutdowns, riots and civil unrest.

The pain of our defeat is far, far less than the pain of the restaurant owners I’ve met who have been forced to watch a lifetime of work and investment be destroyed by a handful of bureaucrats. Or the parents I talked to whose children are suffering after being shut out of the schools and the activities they love. Or the friends who have packed up their families – and moved away from Illinois and all its dysfunction, because it just didn’t make sense anymore.

The serious issue before us today is the cause for which the Republican Party has stood in it’s finest hours: that is the cause of freedom, law and order and equality of opportunity. These noble ideals are vanishing under uninterrupted and unchallenged Democrat rule in Illinois.

Most importantly, the issue that lies before all of us is the overwhelming might that we have handed government – whether intentionally or ignorantly. We have created a situation in which a handful of people can -  literally – decide which businesses win and which lose; they can decide to educate your children – or not; they even can dictate which among us are essential and which are not. 

In this election, we ran against – not only Sean Casten – but members of  both parties’ establishments, the media and other institutions that have protected entrenched interests for decades. 

My team fought hard, but in the end the power of the opposition was too great. It is somewhat unclear to me what lies ahead for Illinoisans.

The foundation of the Republican Party has been freedom, smart government and equality under the law. My campaign believed in those principles and fought hard for them. We did not run from this struggle. Our party should welcome the contrast between our defense of liberty, diversity of thought, and peaceful discourse with the Democrats’ reckless spending, division and increasingly violent pursuit of a radical agenda.

For me, this campaign is over.

To those who supported us in this endeavor, thank you for staying the course and for sharing our hope for an “Illinois Reveille.”  Over 18 months, our team grew to 847 volunteers in the field, 25,043 individual donors across the United States (90.6% small dollar donors), and countless prayer warriors. I am deeply grateful for your enthusiasm and generosity. I hope it will be said of our campaign that we kept the faith to the end. 


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