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Economists Dispute ‘Work-from-Home’ Tax Proposal



UnnamedA federal tax on employees who work from home (WFH) could be used to compensate workers who don’t have that option, says Luke Templeman, an analyst at Deutsche Bank, an international financial services company based in Frankfurt, Germany.

“[R]emote workers are contributing less to the infrastructure of the economy whilst still receiving its benefits,” Templeman writes in an article in Konzept, Deutsche Bank’s research magazine, published on November 10.

Work at home has more benefits than costs to the individual, and those who do not have that opportunity lose out on those benefits, Templeman writes. Telecommuters should have to give money to those workers, Templeman argues.



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  1. If it’s the case that “remote workers are contributing
    less to the infrastructure of the economy” and should be taxed, then should unemployed and homeless workers ALSO be taxed? what are THEY contributing to that infrastructure?
    Working from home means less wear on roads, less fuel consumption, less exhaust pollution.
    Aren’t THOSE benefits to society as well?
    Templeton is just another damned socialist.