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Illinois Congressman Calls Trump and His Supporters Grifters, Crazies, and Embarrassing



Illinois Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger took out after Trump and his supporters in response to a Saturday morning tweet by the President in which he called out the “Justice” Department and FBI over alleged “Presidential Election Voter Fraud.”

Kinzinger, who may be redistricted out of his seat or face a Republican primary challenger in 2024, has been flailing of late as he appears increasingly out-of-step with the GOP rank-in-file, and longing for the pre-Trump Republican Party that is popular among the leadership of the Illinois GOP. It is rumored that Kinzinger is eyeing higher office and likely currying favor with Illinois' Democrat and Republican power-brokers to obtain his next office and continue his singular, lifetime career in government.


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  1. I guess that would include Jim Oberweis as he just pushed for a recount in his race as well. Kinzinger is an embarrassment to our party. These jackasses in elephant skins pretending to be Republicans makes my skin crawl. Kinzinger’s support of Biden is no different than Mark Kirk supporting Dick Durbin, Pat Brady’s support indicted democrats and Sean Casten, and Bill Brady telling Republican Senate candidates not to talk about Trump, the Constitution, and pro-life issues. They are liberals, and must be removed from our party.

  2. You’re a DISGRACE to your service AND current position!! DO YOUR JOB and uphold the TWO OATHS you took to defend this Country and it’s Constitution from enemies both foreign AND DOMESTIC!! 2020 election was completely fraudulent and infested with corruption…if it’s allowed to stand civil conflict is coming…guaranteed!!!

  3. Why can’t (or WON’T) the Republicans in Kinzinger’s district find, support and fund someone to “primary” this RINO loser in the next election?
    Kinzinger has replaced Mark Kirk as the most disliked RINO in Illinois. Isn’t it time to be rid of him?

  4. Adam has been sitting on the fence for so long he needs surgery to remove the splinters. He is just another Illinois Republicrate who thinks he is entitled to hold office. But, at the current rate of departure there won’t be any taxpaying voters left in his district so he’ll need to rely on his Socialist Democrat east cost friends and core nonproductives. In the end his Socialist Democrat friends will sell him out.

  5. I’m grateful for Adam taking a stand against the insanity that has been taking place by Trump. The Republicans party has drifted in a sad direction because of the toxic and mentally unstable behavior of Trump and I appreciate integrity based Republicans that will stand up fir their values like Adam, Mitt Romney snd many others, regardless of the fear tactics that Trump and his conspiracy theorists push. Trump and his blind followers are an embarrassment to the Republicans party and I hope and pray it can be restored back to a level of sanity and integrity that it deserves. Truly saddening to see how many people have been brainwashed by the psychological warfare that has been taking place fueled by Trump.

  6. Article IV, §4, U.S. Constitution REQUIRES Congress, the Supreme Court, and the President to Stop the election theft! They are to protect and ensure we have a fair & honest election
    The Fraudulent Election is an Act of War against the People of the United States. This was not just another election. This was a planned and coordinated attack on the People of the United States. If we don’t defeat the fraud, the People of the United States will have been stripped of their sovereign power to choose their own Representatives, pure disenfranchisement.

  7. If you consider Kinzinger to be one of those “integrity” Republicans you want in D.C. maybe your home should be the Democrat Party. YOU are the one who is “brainwashed” into believing RINOS like Adam and Romney stand for Constitutional values.
    Is it a “conspiracy theory” that Democrat- controlled cities in at least five states committed vast vote frauds in November?
    Is it a “conspiracy theory” that a senile Democrat senator, a former vice-president, is involved in bribe-acceptance from China, Ukraine and a high-placed woman in Moscow?
    Time for YOU to GROW UP, pal.
    “Liberalism is the religion of the stupid”
    …Dan Bongino

  8. It seems like the RINO is doing all that he can to prevent his disastrous district (yes, the district that has lost the most people in this state) from being obliterated this year ensuring that he gets wiped out in the primary.

  9. Doug, have you been evaluated by a psychiatrist?
    If you even HALF-believe the lunacy you have written here, you are badly in need of help!
    Using the word “integrity” in reference to Romney and Kinzinger is truly delusional.