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Op-ed by Nancy Thorner: Positive Trump Election News on the Horizon



Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 11.13.40 AMOp-ed by Nancy Thorner - 

The election news is finally turning for Trump. Biden/Harris know it, as this article points out, 5 Ways Biden and Harris Reveal They Know They Lost by Caitlin Jane Thompson in her America: The Blog.

The budget even allocates money for Trump's Border Wall.  According to GOP sources, Congress will approve $1.375 billion for a wall along the southern border as part of the $1.4 trillion omnibus spending bill for the next fiscal year, probably necessary to get Trump to sign the bill. The Democrats, however, hope to tear the wall down under President Harris, but at best that will take time even if we get Majority Leader Schumer.

As a Washington Post article reported on election voter turnout: “2020 turnout (66.2%) is the highest in over a century.”  Nearly every state hit a new high mark.

Gateway Pundit explains what simple math reveals:

“If we have 213.8 million registered voters in the US and 66.2% of all voters voted in the 2020 election, that equals 141.5 voters who voted in the 2020 election. If President Trump won 74 million votes, then that leaves only 67.5 million votes remaining for Biden.  This means 13 million duplicate or made up ballots were created and counted for Biden!” 

Did last month registrations after the official state figures were published really give us 13 million more Biden votes? 

The above is just part of all the impossible stats from this election that have been reported. Biden lost 52 of 53 bellwether counties, had the lowest number of counties won in 60 years, under performed Obama and even Clinton in nearly all the top 50 major urban areas, but somehow managed to out-perform in Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia and Milwaukee only, 90% turnouts in districts around Philadelphia and in Milwaukee, Georgia increased its mail-in ballots over 10 times but lowered its rejection rate of mail-in ballots by more than 10 times.

Speaking of Georgia, even the dead can't be removed from the voting roll in Cobb County. This is just another example of the dead voting we have seen in all the swing states that along with the moved, the double voting, the underaged and illegal voting would be enough to overturn the election, never mind the computer vote fraud and the ballot stuffing with manufactured ballots that were never checked for signatures.

But of course, there is “no evidence of fraud” because the media won't show it, and didn’t Attorney General Barr claim there was no evidence of Election Fraud when he refused to appoint a Special Council to explore election irregularities in the swing states?  

Fox News Caves

Fox News had to air a news package debunking election fraud claims made by its own hosts.  The company, Smartmatic, said that Fox News, One America News, and Newsmax have helped spread false and defamatory claims that are not supported by real evidence and could easily have been debunked with basic research.

“They have no evidence to support their attacks on Smartmatic because there is no evidence," Smartmatic chief executive Antonio Mugica said in a statement. "This campaign was designed to defame Smartmatic and undermine legitimately conducted elections.”

Furthermore, FOX News and FBN Blocked Attorney Matthew Deperno From Appearing on Hannity and Lou Dobbs after an explosive Antrim County IT Report on Dominion Voting Machines.  This ban happened despite a Monday, December 14 emergency hearing during which MI 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin A Elsenheimer granted permission to Attorney Matthew Deperno to release the findings from their forensic examination on 16 Dominion Voting machines in Antrim County, MI where thousands of votes flipped from President Trump to Joe Biden on November 3, 2020. 

Might this be a bluff by Dominion and other voting machine companies, as they possibly might never be able to survive the discovery process in a legal proceeding? If so, it is not excuse enough for Fox News board member and former US Congressman Paul Ryan to totally neuter Fox and shut up its Trump loyalists.  

Key to flipping states back

Intimidation and bribes have filtered down to the state legislatures, where the state legislatures can still rescue the presidential election (or not) by using their Article II, Section 1 power.  State legislators know better than most about the naked fraud.  

Trump doesn't need to declare martial law, although the internet was abuzz with reports that President Trump was going to impose martial law to expose the historic 2020 election on Saturday, December 19, 2020.  Threats of using the Insurrection Act and Trump's announced January 6th rally in Washington, D.C. do concentrate the mind of his enemies in the judiciary and legislatures. 
“President Trump on Sunday morning called into WABC radio show “Uncovering the Truth” with host Dr. Maria Ryan and Rudy Giuliani….The President said the key to flipping the states back in his favor is to check the signatures and examine the voting machines. Trump blasted the RINO Governor and RINO Secretary of State in Georgia for not allowing a full signature audit in Fulton County where most of the corruption and fraud took place. Trump’s legal team however is still putting pressure on officials to order signature audits. Rudy Giuliani said he is still working with state legislatures and asking them to send Trump’s electoral votes to Congress to be counted in January.”
First SCOTUS filing
According to a Noqreport of 12/20/2020 by JD Rucker, Why Team Trump's first SCOTUS filing is much bigger than anyone realizes: "It was not just an attempt to correct the election.  It's a shot across the bow as well as a pathway through which future rulings can decide the election properly.”
“Last week’s revelation of an ongoing massive hack of multiple government agencies through a vulnerability in SolarWinds Orion software prompted a raid on the company’s Austin headquarters.  it is possible that the servers seized had data pertaining to Dominion Voting Systems. This speculation turned to near certainty based on Dominion’s clumsy attempts to hide their connections to SolarWinds
“If that’s the case, or if Dominion Voting Systems data has been secured through other means, then both the timing and targets pertaining to Giuliani’s filing are perfect. Technological voter fraud may have played a small role in Pennsylvania, but analog voter fraud is much more likely. In the other contested states, it’s likely reversed with technological voter fraud playing a larger role. Therefore, this filing would be the opening volley in what should be a huge week for the Trump campaign.”  End of Noqreport quote
Do the FBI, US Marshals, and/or Texas Rangers have the MOAB (Mother of All Bombs) GBU-43/B MOAB secure? 
Trump’s deal making strategy?
“Big news coming out of Pennsylvania. Very big illegal ballot drop that cannot be accounted for. Rigged Election!” 
Yes, Pennsylvania was ground zero for traditional ballot stuffing, but getting rid of ballot stuffing is enough to overturn the swing states, never mind the computer vote.  The only difference is that Nevada and Arizona spread out the ballot stuffing over weeks instead of in a few hours on November 4.  The total lack of subtlety in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania after November should astonish patriots.
Might this be the deal Trump is trying to make?  “I won't indict anybody major and not reveal the total extent of the computer vote fraud.  But I get to be reelected.” 
It stands to reason that the demonstration on January 6th for Trump in Washington, D.C. will dwarf any demonstration in U.S. history.  Let's see if the elites are ready to take on the Deplorables for Civil War II.


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