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Pritzker’s Fatal Mismanagement Leads to 27 COVID-19 deaths at LaSalle Veterans’ Home




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In the 2018 campaign, J.B. Pritzker repeatedly slammed his opponent, saying Rauner was responsible for the failed actions of the state agency that lead to the tragic deaths of veterans at the Quincy Veterans’ Home.

"With 13 deaths at the Quincy veterans home, there is a real crisis that has to be dealt with, and unfortunately the governor and his administration have been slow on the draw and it has caused fatalities," Pritzker said during a Tuesday campaign stop in Quincy."

This is incompetence. It’s gross mis-management. This is what happens when a governor refuses to take charge and accept responsibility. This is what failure looks like.”

the story of a failed governor that has cost people their lives

Fast forward to today, and J.B. Pritzker has refused to take responsibility for his own fatal mismanagement of Veteran Affairs, leading to COVID-19 spreading rapidly through the LaSalle Veterans’ Home that has taken the lives of 27 people, over 20% of residents in that facility.

Pritzker slammed Rauner for delaying a site visit by 3 days at the Quincy Veterans’ Home but Pritzker’s own administration waited 11 days before an IDPH visit took place. At the site visit, it was discovered that the state-run facility was using an alcohol-free hand sanitizer, which according to reports, “could have a significant impact on transmission of COVID-19 within the facility”. And finally, there were zero conversations between Pritzker and his IDVA Director amid the outbreak.

In 2018, then-candidate Pritzker said, “we need to stand up for those that defended our nation and the way to do that is to make sure they’re safe and especially when they’re under the care of the Governor and the government of the state of Illinois.” What changed in 2020?


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