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Dear Conservatives: Big Corporations are Not Your Friends



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Over the past three decades, the Left-Right debate in America has been full of oddities and contradictions. Perhaps the strangest of them all has been the conservative movement's devotion to the interests of large corporations, which routinely use their wealth and power to support causes that directly conflict with conservative ideals.

Among the most notable examples is the recent attack on political speech waged by large technology companies (and multi-billion-dollar corporations) such as AppleMicrosoftTwitter and Facebook.

Conservatives spent years calling for limited regulations, special laws that allow for tech companies to operate more easily online and lower tax rates for all corporations, including tech giants. Tech companies have responded by limiting the political speech of conservatives—and no, I am not referring to restrictions placed on the social media accounts belonging President Trump.



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  1. The new conservative position should be: limited regulations on business only if it creates or prevents from being destroyed blue collar jobs and jobs held by Americans. If not, then all bets are off. Period. The GOP then shouldn’t be shy of regulating if it’s in Americans’ (plural) interests.