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Thorner: Real Patriots Step Forward, in Contrast to Trump’s Fair Weather Friends


Op-ed by Nancy Thorner - 
The darling of the Left, Stacey Abrams of Georgia, who still thinks she won the Georgia election for governor in 2018, attended the Bilderberg 2019 meeting and now can't help do a victory dance after she delivered for the globalist elite, bragging about the lack of signature verification in Georgia.  However, Biden praised Stacey Abrams saying, “Nobody has done more for the right to vote in America.”        
NoMoreFakeNews.com blogger John Rappoport wrote on his blog:
We do know that, going back months, Antifa was issuing memos to its members to appear at Trump rallies posing as supporters of the president, wearing appropriate gear, so that when Antifa caused trouble and committed violence, their actions would be blamed on Trumpers….Shortly before the break-in, C-Span was airing a senator’s rebuttal to Mitch McConnell’s speech. McConnell gave one of those smooth clichéd-filled presentations, claiming there was no evidence of fraud on a scale that would have overturned the election. His main (irrelevant) point was, the courts found no reason to rule against Biden’s victory. The rebuttal was quite sharp, basically accusing McConnell of acting as a “ceremonial” performer. And this was only the beginning of the action today in Congressional session. Who knows what would have popped up out of the hopper, as the day wore on and the nation watched?   
Vice-President Pence—castigated by Trumpers as a betrayer—actually declared he would preside over an open Joint Session of Congress and allow full speeches re: vote fraud, from states in which one senator and one congressional legislator filed objections to rubber-stamping certification of the election. But that process was sidetracked by the people breaking into the Capitol building.  Instead, we now have incessant media coverage portraying the million protestors in Washington and Trump as destroyers of the nation and 'all the values we stand for as Americans…'
Obvious to onlookers. . . . 
It was so obvious to onlookers, yet the Establishment Washington Times had to talk about what people in D.C. could see for themselves, that Antifa had infiltrated protesters. More here.  
It was Trump supporters who were trying to do what the Capitol police deliberately didn't do in trying to stop Antifa members from attempting to break Capitol windows.             
As reported on Twitter on 1/6/2021: “D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser sent a letter to DOD, DHS, and DOJ 'yesterday' refusing federal law enforcement assistance to handle the election protests and demanding that federal officials stand down.  One thing we’re gonna need answers on is why it was so easy to breach the Capitol. This is a major national security issue. It should never have been this easy to do. Imagine if those were actually well trained terrorists with weapons that could do insane damage. Unacceptable.” 
This Tweet by Sidney Powell disclosed on 1/6/2021: “Protesters now using a window washing platform to get to higher floors in the U.S. Capitol.
Instead of the best security ever, we had the same feeble security of the Kavanaugh hearings when Leftist praised anti-Kavanaugh protestors who took over the Capitol building in 2017 or the 2011 Wisconsin liberal protesters that took over the state capitol that were both applauded by the media.  But it needed something else besides a few broken windows, it needed “violence”, so one of the few Trump supporters, who got caught up in the emotion of the moment and crawled through a window somebody else had broken, was murdered as she crawled through.  “Viewer discretion advised.  This video clearly shows the officer shooting Ashli. Watch this and tell me it's not murder.”  Here is more on the murdered woman's background
House and Senate disregard truth
So it was time to adjourn and then come back at night when nobody was prepared to watch and “debate” until 3 A.M.  Anonymous comments off the Internet follow:  “All they are talking about is how Trump incited a riot and/or insurrection. Nobody is really talking about the steal… they are talking about Trump and his riot.  They are making speeches, mostly Senators… NOT Debating the Arizona objection as RAISED… as they must. No evidence no debate… just glad-handing speeches. THIS IS ILLEGAL in every sense. Constitutionally, and under the Electoral Act. Both-this is illegal. Objection to the Electors from AZ has been raised, with massive PROOF right before their eyes—which they will refuse to look at. They would never speak this way about BLM or Antifa. IMAGINE IF THE WOMEN THE COPS SHOT WERE A BLACK DEMOCRAT.”
How can your state legislators meet now and overturn the fraudulent elections for a bunch of people who should be shot, according to Erick Erickson who took his pettiness to a whole new level when on January 6, 2021 he tweeted:  “Shoot the protestors. Waive the rules, impeach. Waive the rules, convict, Waive the rules, deny the ability to run for election again.”  
Facebook and Big Tech have now banned President Trump through the deployment of classic Alinsky methods.  
Twitter also went down as well as “BREAKING: “YouTube announces it will remove videos claiming election fraud, strike channels.” 
Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify.”
It's been obvious since a week after the election that Trump was following bad advice to keep power by not offering to pay for a real hand recount in front of election observers of all sides that would examine signatures and whether the “voter” was actually entitled to vote.  Having raised 170 million with no call for money since the election, he could have easily tripled that from his followers to pay for all expenses, never mind his own money. 
Instead, we have had all this talk about “breakthroughs” and “Krackens”, the Ratcliffe report that disappeared like the Durham report, etc.  The speech Trump gave on January 6, 2-21 could have been given the Monday after the election with only a few details added on as they came out by Trump.  It shouldn't have been “stop the steal” but “what do they have to hide”?
Fair weather patriots
Now it is time to prevent last minute pardons and declassifications, so everyone who can is stabbing Trump in the back on their way out.  Already some Trump administration officials are resigning; others are staying to prevent chaos.
As for Lindsey Graham, who is not particularly liked or respected by many conservatives, on Thursday, January 7 th, 2021, he proclaimed that “Trump’s accomplishments were tarnished after the Capitol breach.
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos also submitted her resignation on Thursday, January 7, 2021, citing the president’s role in the riot on Capitol Hill.  As DeVos did nothing to get rid of Common Core as she promised to do, she was lucky to have her cabinet position.  The only reason Trump choose Devos in the first place is because she was rich and donated lots of money to the Trump campaign in 2016.
For Democrats, they cannot resist showing their hatred and distain for President Trump in what are the final weeks of his presidential, even as Trump had already indicated there would be a peaceful transition.
Nancy Pelosi called for President Trump's immediate removal from office by way of the 25th Amendment for inciting a violent riot at the Capitol Wednesday in an attempt to stop the certification of President-elect Joe Biden's win.
She joins with Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., in urging Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet to remove Trump from office immediately, calling him "a very dangerous person" who committed an "act of sedition."
Yes, Trump is deemed by Pelosi and Schumer to be in an “unstable emotional state”, making Trump a candidate for the 25th Amendment.  Certainly, nobody should fight for Trump now, especially your state legislators who know your state was stolen for Biden.  Go home and go to work as our slaves, Deplorables.  Otherwise Ashli Babbit will be your fate, too.  
One question remains
The only question remaining is whether this incident with the naked election fraud was akin to the beating of Charles Sumner on the Senate floor in 1856, the end of any illusion the other side won't don't anything to get its way and there is no real national unity.  Or is like the firing on Fort Sumter, the start of what seems like another inevitable Civil War? 


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