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Catalina Lauf announces bid to oust Kinzinger, saying Trump will back her with $2M



Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 11.05.51 AMOTTAWA – Catalina Lauf is a Republican candidate that is telling people the Trump campaign has committed $2 million for her to challenge Congressman Adam Kinzinger in the 2022 GOP primary. That commitment is yet to be confirmed by Illinois Review, but we are being told by reliable GOP insiders that she is indeed claiming it.

Illinois Review is looking forward to introducing the third announced Kinzinger challenger to our readers, but Lauf's campaign strategy appears to be going directly to national media first. 

Tuesday, she filed a  federal "Catalina for Illinois" committee, and released a sizzling internet ad aimed directly at Kinzinger:

When Congressman Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) chose to take a stand against former President Donald Trump, he seemed to ignore 16th CD voters overwhelming support for Trump in the 2020 presidential race. Numerous Republican county organizations have issued censures against Kinzinger's comments and positions. And along with that, the six-term federal lawmaker became a target for Trump supporters nationwide.

Illinois Review editor asked on Facebook thoughts from Illinois voters about the ad. Here's what they said: 

"Has she learned the difference between nuclear weapons and nuclear power yet? She’s extremely unqualified. She should try a local office first and learn about how the real world works!" 

In response, another commenter said, "There are no qualification tests for Congress. The House of Representatives is called The People’s House for a reason. Just how have all your 'qualified' candidates done for us over the last 30 years?"

"Pretty harsh for this early, but Adam has it coming," another said. 

One woman commenter said, "I don't think she's ready..Give her a couple of years serving more locally, then she'll be fantastic!" to be answered with another's perspective,"if AOC was ready, then she's ready."
And Lauf's hand gestures were a distraction for two other commenters, "Had a hard time getting past her hand gestures," and "As a person of Italian heritage, I am down with the hand gestures.

In general, I do agree that it is a solid benefit to the candidate and the voters if the candidate has previous local experience in office."

Thus far, Lauf is the third Republican that has announced their plans to challenge Kinzinger, preceded by Will County's Jack Lombardi and former Kendall County GOP chairman Jim Marter. 


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  1. Okay-let me just lay it out.
    DJT may or may not be giving this person two million dollars ( I doubt it myself) but it is really, really poor form for her to be announcing it in that way. Pure amateur move from a candidate that does not seem to have polished up her act from her last campaign.
    Catalina checks certain boxes, and this age of identity politics that counts for more than it should. But anyone who listened to any of her past debate performances is very aware that she lacks depth and knowledge. No-nuclear power is NOT nuclear weaponry. And when you go to a debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters you should not have to ask the moderator what ERA stands for.
    She will again cite her experience as an ” commerce advisor” to President Trump. But here is the simple truth behind that: she held the gig for six months and got the gig because Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA recommended her as a returned favor to Catalina’s old man who financed Kirk’s organization.
    Lauf will come out looking very appealing because as it stands now, she has two primary opponents who are both white males. I would like to think, however, that conservatives demand more from their candidates that pretty features and a desirable ethnic heritage.

  2. “But anyone who listened to any of her past debate performances is very aware that she lacks depth and knowledge”
    Did you listen to any of KHarris’s debate performances?
    Catalina is FAR MORE qualified than Harris.
    I’m not in her district, but I will contribute to her campaign.
    Hispanics materially shifted to DJT in 2020.
    She represents the future of the GOP

  3. She’s not very original, Kim Klacik and Joe Miller did the same slow motion walk on their commercials. LOL Cookie cutter is not authentic.
    The news coverage said she refused to answer after she found out what ERA stood for.
    Very strange.
    If Reagan were alive today, he’d tell the Republic not to be hung up on youth and/or beauty, and he’d be Right!

  4. 1. You comparing Lauf to HARRIS is pathetic. A potted plant is more prepared than Harris.
    2. How is a naive 29 year old the future of the GOP?
    It’s all identity politics all the time with you people. Mostly meh, for the obvious reason.

  5. She doesn’t live in the District and now she is trying to do the same thing she did for the Illinois Uniparty Establishment against Jim Oberweis by splitting the primary vote and wasting a lot of money that could have gone to other Republican primary challengers and fall candidates. If Trump is wasting 2 million dollars on her, it’s the same waste that saw Parscale and the Establishment Republicans did with bad commercials and no ballot security effort.
    My guess is that Kinzinger will retire because even this obvious effort to split the primary vote won’t be enough for Adam to survive. There has to be somebody better than this woman. James Marter is head and shoulders above her and there is probably somebody even better than Jim. We have over a year to go to the primary. Everyone needs to wait and see who is actually running. Heck, we don’t even know what the district will look like given the census delay.

  6. The individual limit on campaign contributions is 2400 dollars per election so the most he would be able to give is 5k if she wins the primary. Collaboration between PACs, SuperPACs and campaigns is strictly forbidden by FEC regulations and can land a candidate in prison if collaboration is found. PACs and SuperPACs would be the only way DJT could support COL.

  7. Kinzinger has turned out to be a complete disgrace to what his voters wishes are and have been. What he previously campaigned on pretending he stood by our beloved dually elected president trumps America first today and always.To always fight for everything in our constitution always for his voters freedom. He is a fake and to me he should just become a Democrat and take Liz channey and mitt Romney with him. Gop NEEDS REPRESENTATIVES THAT WILL FIGHT FOR US THE AMERICA FIRST ALWAYS POLICIES THE ONLY POLICIES THAT WORK CAUSE THEY ARE COMMON SENSE POLICIES.OUR COUNTY IS GOING DOWN HILL THESE DEMOCRATS LUNATICS HAVE COMPLETELY RUINED OUR COUNTRY IN LESS THAN 3 MONTHS.WE NEED REPRESENTATIVES THAT WILL NOT SELL OUT TO THE DEMOCRATS AND SIDE WITH THEM. MAJORIE GREEN THATS A WINNER TIM SCOTT THATS A WINNER AND OTHERS . OUR BELOVED DUALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP CAN’T FIX ALL THIS DAMAGE THIS LUNATIC BIDEN HAD DONE ALONE. IF PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS FAITH IN Catalina Lauf she could be the one. She must be tough,and fight for us always . We shall keep checking on her coming debates and make sure she is the one for us. 2022 we all have to inform ourselves about every candidate and make sure what they write on what they believe in is 100% truthful. We the people elect them they go to Washington to speak for all our voices . How dare any of the ones that voted against president trump like KIZINGER he was there to vote for our voices not his thoughts . Liz cheney had the audacity to vote against president trump when she represents her voters that love president trump and voted almost 100% for him. She is totally out of touch with reality her district cancelled her immediately cause her vote was not the vote her people wanted. She continues to smash president trump she’s barely hanging on to the head speaker position. She’s shameless for real if her district cancelled her she should completely step down and not be in politics any more. The Bush, Cheney, Clinton times are done . People are so done with all the rip off and representatives being in washington for 50 plus years and not getting anything done for the people that elect them