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Kinzinger starts new federal PAC because “the Republican Party has lost its way”



But Republicans in his home district have had enough of Congressman Kinzinger.

More to come …


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  1. He sure talks like the party that he purports to represent divides the country instead of the party that just spent four years dividing the country and he contributed to the Russia hoax that drove resist. He thinks that the GOP is now not going to resist and if the GOP does that’s divisive. I’ve known that he was a RINO for a decade after he took advantage of the tea party winning Sarah Palin’s endorsement, then fled from the tea party, then when he didn’t have a district to run in he ran against an actual conservative Don Manzullo which was Eric Cantor’s plan because Don’s evangelical religious views offended the Jew Cantor. Two years later conservatives returned the favor when they elected Dave Brat, outspent 40 to 1, in Cantor’s own primary.

  2. I hope there will be forensic audits of the pac money and where it is spent.. because I’d hate to see someone take advantage and pocket that money he thinks will come in, probably from democrats trying to hurt the GOP.

  3. Lots of questions:
    Why no video like this after months of street riots, arson, looting, and deaths?
    Will his PAC take on the “trans” cult, homosexual activists, the Equality Act, and Critical Race Theory with such boldness and conviction?
    Who is funding this bold “principled” effort?
    Is this the start of his 2024 run for president?