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Mike Lindell Provides Argument of Election Fraud



Screen Shot

You can see the video by Mike Lindell HERE.


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  1. 2020 was determined at 4 AM in five swing-state cities – Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Milwaukee. That’s why the counting stopped everywhere, as if on cue, at 10 PM. In fifty years of watching Presidential election returns, that’s the first time I’ve ever seen the counting just STOP.
    Oh, and because Detroit and Atlanta used public venues such as sports arenas for their counting, we have actual hidden-camera documentation of exactly what happened. The video from Detroit was released just this week and (just like the Atlanta video) it shows an election being stolen.
    The GOP is dead because they refused to respond to this crime appropriately.

  2. That was the tipping point, but the scheming started earlier when George Soros lavishly funded candidates for the offices of prosecutors, secretaries of state, and attorneys general in many states where these officials control the administration of elections. Drop boxes and centralized vote counting stations were a big part of the plan. Much harder to manipulate the count in individual precincts. Trump won so convincingly that the thieves needed extra time to manufacture fraudulent votes.