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Rossi: The Unconstitutional, Illegal, and Irrational Attacks On Trump & Trump Supporters


By Randy Rossi - 

Now I understand how my ancestor Robert Morris felt when he signed the Declaration of Independence and was labeled a traitor by the government and told that he would be hanged if they caught him! I also now have a better understanding how my Italian grandfather who won the Italian and French Medals of Honor in WWI felt when he had to flee Italy because fascist Mussolini was upset that he disagreed with his fascism and ordered his execution.

I am a proud conservative “Deplorable” that “clings to his God and his guns” and proudly voted for President Trump twice. While I am perfectly OK with people disagreeing with me, I never thought that the 74 million Trump supporters like me are now actually labeled as “terrorists” by the socialist Dems that are doing everything that they can to “cancel” us and ruin our lives. Because I believe in the Constitution I am a terrorist? Because I believe in freedom of speech I am a terrorist? Because I believe in freedom of religion I am a terrorist? Because I believe in the 2nd Amendment I am a terrorist? Excuse me, but I thought that our Bill of Rights protected me forever for holding those beliefs no matter which political party was in charge!

Anybody who has actually studied the law, our Constitution, and our great history find it amazing to see how socialist Dems, the “Fake News, and even “Rino” Republicans are falsely attacking President Trump and his 74 million supporters. Lets’ take this absurd 2nd impeachment attempt by socialist Dems and a few uninformed “Rinos”. The 1st Amendment clearly says “Congress shall make no law…. abridging the freedom of speech, ….. or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”. Get it? So the socialist Dems in Congress (and a few “Rinos”) want to impeach President Trump for doing exactly what the 1st Amendment says he can legally and Constitutionally do? Let’s take a moment to review exactly what President Trump said that is getting him impeached; “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the capital building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard”. Ok folks, compare what President Trump said with what is protected by our 1st Amendment. Anybody with an IQ over 50 can see what he said was legal and Constitutional. Those 5% of the protestors that turned violent should indeed be prosecuted and are in my opinion guilty, but the 95% that stayed peaceful and President Trump not only did nothing wrong, their peaceful protests were completely legal and they are protected by the 1st Amendment. But the socialist Dems are launching their 2nd fraudulent impeachment attack on him after their “Russian Collusion Hoax” was also proven to be totally bogus and illegal. Do you see why 74 million Trump supporters are upset with these socialist Dem’s and “Rinos” attacks on our president?

On top of this outrage, socialist Dems and “The Fake News” are viciously attacking the 75% of the 74 million people that voted for  President Trump who think the 2020 presidential election was illegally “rigged” or fraudulent. Count me in the 75% who think the results of the election are very questionable and should be legally reviewed. In America, it used to be OK for people to disagree with each other. But today, anybody who has doubt about this election are considered traitors and terrorists! Doesn’t our Constitution and 1st Amendment give us the undeniable right to peacefully express our opinions? Yet the despicable “Cancel Culture” of socialist Dems and their allies in “The Fake News” and horribly biased “Big Tech” are trying to destroy the jobs, livelihoods, and reputations of anybody who questions the election outcome!

But let’s get away from emotion and deal with a few facts concerning doubts about the legality of this election that you will never hear on “The Fake News”. Four states broke their own laws and the U.S. Constitution by illegally changing the voting rules right before the election to favor Democrats. Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan all broke their own laws and the U.S. Constitution by changing their election  rules by either executive order or by judicial order. The rule of law demands that those laws be changed only by the state legislature. By breaking those laws, there is a strong legal case that votes that were illegally counted as a result should be disqualified. The fact is that the vast majority of those changes favored Democrats who like to vote by mail or vote late. On top of that, over 1,000 Americans swore under oath that they witnessed serious voter fraud that favored Democrat Biden. As a result, many legal cases were brought to court challenging the vote outcome including to the U.S. Supreme Court. 17 other states joined the law suit Texas brought to the Supreme Court (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia). Yet just like in most of the other 50 lawsuits brought against the election results, the Supreme Court dismissed the case without hearing any evidence. Sound fair and democratic to you? In a rational world with this amount of evidence, having doubts about the election results is perfectly rational! But not in our new bizarre political world.

The Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court said it best when a majority (4 out of 7) judges voted to dismiss their election fraud case without hearing any evidence; “There are numerous election problems that will be repeated again and again, until this court has the courage to correct them.” That brave judge reminded me of the bravery of my ancestor who signed the Declaration of Independence. In return for that bravery, he got to sign the U.S. Constitution and became a “Founding Father” and the “Financier of the Revolution” when America won its freedom. Well I am going to continue to peacefully fight for freedom and this great republic and I could care less who slanders me or accuses me of being a terrorist because I believe in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. I am beginning to think that the major mistake our Founding Fathers made was making dueling illegal. If dueling was still legal, maybe there would be a little more civility in our discussions and debates!


  1. Sad how the FBI is now a domestic terrorist organization going after citizens who committed no crimes. My friend on a business trip to D.C. on Jan 6 interrogated and harassed as a criminal even though he was never a part of or near the protest at the Capital. FBI refuses to go after BLM and ANTIFA insurrectionists.

  2. Some comes from the “inside” of the GOP–Kinzinger to name one from Illinois. From what has been cited he will not be running again–why because he will not win? Or is he running across the aisle as the DEM that he has shown to be.

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