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Thorner: Trump’s legal challenges more successful than leftist media reports



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By Nancy Thorner –

Several days ago I received an email from a friend, John Droz containing a link that detailed outstanding and important work he is doing as part of a team of experts (mostly all PhDs) to analyze 2020 Presidential election-related data regarding vote integrity. The team has generated several unique reports, and the most recent is a detailed list of the 2020 Presidential Election Court Cases.  Knowing I write for Illinois Review, John further requested that I get this last report out to the public through an Illinois Review article.

John Droz, Jr. is an independent physicist, meaning that he is not affiliated with an academic institution, etc.  He has a free periodic email, Energy & Environmental Newsletter which he has been delivering since 2009. This unique, popular newsletter has over 10,000 subscribers.  Here are the archives for 2021 issues. To receive John Droz's excellent Newsletter, contact him at [email protected].  I highly recommend John’s newsletter.

List of 2020 Presidential Election Court Cases

Here is this team’s latest report: Presidential Election Lawsuits.

As John wrote me:  "It has been very well received — even appearing on OAN TV a few times!"

John further indicated that the Presidential Election Lawsuits link has already been circulated to several top lawyers.  Every response he got back was very positive.

As for the investigation into 2020 Presidential election-related lawsuits, John and his team found over 500 lawsuits filed pertaining to 2020 election matters. Every one has been previewed. Listed in Presidential Election Lawsuits are the 81 lawsuits (plus appeals) pertinent to the 2020 Presidential election.

Said Mr. Droz:  "A challenge is that this is still a very active area, with new cases still being filed, as well as existing cases being appealed, consolidated, withdrawn, or adjudicated almost daily.  In other words, we have a living document here, that we will do our best to keep current.”

Here is an overview sister document (a simple summary) put together by the team, which will also be kept up-to-date.

Significant takeaway information

As to the most significant takeaway cited: “Trump and the GOP actually won over 2/3 of the cases (22) that were fully heard (e.g. with evidence), and decided on the merits!  Put another way, when a case was fully heard, Trump has won twice as many lawsuits than he has lost."

Since the mainstream media continues to say judges have ruled against Trump in almost all of his lawsuits, this reality will likely be surprising to most citizens.


Before committing to write the article, I felt the need to request more background information from John Droz. It was evident that much time and effort had gone into developing the link. In that Mr. Droz welcomed questions, I submitted a list of questions which were answered in a timely way.  Some of them are shared below for the benefit of Illinois Review readers.   

1.  How many are on your team doing all the compiling of the court cases?
Two of us did most of the work, but my policy is to circulate any report to all team members before releasing it. That happened here.
2.  When did you get the idea for doing so? 
It’s been percolating for a while, based on the misleading statements by the media (Trump is losing all his lawsuits) – when we knew that not to be true. We were hoping that someone else would come out with a citizen-friendly list, but never saw one.
3.  What was your express purpose for doing so?  
Counter the false narrative from the mainstream media.
4.  What are you hoping the outcome will be of all your amazing work? 
— Public’s appreciation that: 1) what the media is saying is yet another falsehood, and 2) of the cases that went through and were decided on the merits, Trump is currently ahead by a two-to-one ratio.
5.  I believe the Supreme Court really dropped the ball in not even being willing to listen to the evidence.
Many judges dismissed quite a few of these cases on flimsy legal technicalities. Shame on them.
6.  Might you be able to tell me anything more of interest that would help me write my article, John?
Some people have asked me why more fraud lawsuits weren’t filed. The basic answer is that it takes a long time to get the legal evidence to win such a case. All of these lawsuits were hampered by the extremely short window between the election and the Electoral College.'
The excuse used by many of the swing states for weakening their election rules, was the COVID-19 pandemic. This shows that this is yet another false narrative, as this plan was hatched long before anyone heard of COVID-19. 
8. Might this Epoch Times article bring more truth to light?  Supreme Court to Consider 2002 Election Challenge Lawsuits in February Conference 
— These are some of the lawsuits on our list. Hopefully the judges will be focused on election integrity, not legal technicalities.
Please share this article far and wide to help counter the false narrative from the mainstream media.  The public not only has the right but the need to learn the truth, for our nation to continue as a Constitutional Republic.


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  1. The commitment of even a few like-minded people can change the cause of things in a nation, as long as they do not throw in the towel. The strategy here, which is that of simply reconstituting facts as the are, is just great.
    I am not an American, but I strongly believe that the world stands in danger of losing its moral beacon, in this rapid rise of collisions, martched by an ever increasing number of libertines. We see the torch of liberty fading, and darkness setting in.
    In the strength of these few, the world would certainly continue to see light.