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Rossi: Gender Confusion Is Killing Kids and It’s Getting Worse




By Randy Rossi - 

A recent Gallup poll combined with a John Hopkin’s Hospital scientific study together prove that promoting LGBTQ “gender confusion” to young people dramatically increases suicide rates and mental disorders and should scare the heck out of every parent of a child or teenager as more and more of our schools and the media bombard young kids with this LGBTQ gender confusion. First, let’s separate this LGBTQ discussion from children and adults. If an adult decides that they are LGBTQ, that is their right. Gallop polls report that today roughly 5.6% of all adults think that they are LGBTQ although that is increasing at an alarming rate. Per those Gallup polls, in 2012 only 3.5% of adults thought that they were LGBTQ. That is a 60% increase in just 8 years! What is really scary is that science shows that a huge percentage of young people who think that they are LGBTQ change their minds when they reach adulthood. Why is that important? First because hard data shows that gender confusion among young people is increasing at an alarming rate. Second it is scary because LGBTQ kids/teenagers commit suicide at significantly higher rates than kids and teenagers that do not think they are LGBTQ and most of them would not be LGBTQ if they had lived long enough to be adults. Knowing it can kill kids, why are our schools and the media bombarding them with this gender confusion before they even know what sex is? Especially now that we know that 70-80% of young people who think that they are transgender find out that they aren’t when they become adults.

First let me share the facts on how destructive this LGBTQ issue is to kids. Here are the hard facts, LGBTQ kids commit suicide 3.5 times more than the general population of kids their same age. Transgender teens commit suicide 5.87 times more than the general population of kids. Bisexual teens commit suicide 3.69 times more. But it gets much worse later in life especially for transgender kids. John Hopkins Hospital did a scientific study which found that 70% to 80% of teenagers who thought that they were transgender found out that they weren’t by the age of 30-35. Tragically, those kids who had either hormone or surgical sex change treatments to change their gender commit suicide 20 times more than the general population. 20 times more! The reason is that when they become adults they realize that they ruined their lives by changing their gender for no rational reason and they deeply, deeply regret it. They regret it enough to kill themselves to stop the pain of their misinformed decision to change their gender. John Hopkins did this study because they were the first hospital in the US to do sex change operations starting in 1965 and they wanted to make sure that they were keeping their promise to “Do no harm”. When they got these horrible results, they immediately stopped doing transgender surgery or “sex reassignment surgery”.

Dr. Paul McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in chief of John Hopkins summarized the conclusion of this scientific research by saying “ Transgenderism is a mental disorder”.  The fact that 70-80% of young people who think that they are transgender change their minds when they reach adulthood proves that. But once they change their gender, there is no going back. And that causes intense pain and suffering. Enough pain and suffering that they commit suicide 20 times more than their peers. But the scope of this tragedy is getting worse based on a new Gallup poll which shows a rapidly increasing percentage of Americans who think that they are LGBTQ. Based on that Gallup poll, there has been a 60% increase in Americans who believe that they are LGBTQ from 2012 to 2020 thanks to the fact that we are all being bombarded with LGBTQ material on TV, in movies, on social media, in our schools, and even in advertising!

When I was growing up as a “Baby Boomer” life was pretty simple. Boys were boys and girls were girls. I never heard about LGBTQ at school and I never heard about it on “Father Knows Best”. But that new Gallup poll proves that we are causing massive and painful gender confusion for our kids and it is getting much worse with each new generation. Thanks to our morally corrupt media and “political correctness”, even the simple things in life are confusing for young people today which haunts them for all their lives. Per that Gallup poll, only 1.3% of “The Greatest Generation” adults (born before 1946) identify as LGBTQ. Only 2% of my generation of “Baby Boomers” (born 1946-1964) identify as LGBTQ. But things start getting bad beginning with Generation X (born 1965-1980) as 3.8% of them think they are LGBTQ. But that rate more then doubles with the Millennials (born 1981-1996) since 9.1% of them think that they are LGBTQ. But the scariest number is with the latest generation, Generation Z (born 1997-2002). 15.9% of them think that they are LGBTQ!!! That is almost a 15 times increase in the number of adults that think they are LGBTQ since 1946! Folks that is what you get when you bombard young people with bad stuff! No wonder my generation of Baby Boomers simply don’t understand Generation Zs. I wonder what percentage of our Founding Fathers were LGBTQ or even had an idea what that meant?

All this data proves that by allowing Hollywood, social media, liberal politicians, and our schools to bombard our kids with this confusing and dangerous LGBTQ gender confusion, we are killing our kids and causing massive and painful confusion that will last for their lifetimes. Even worse, some states are allowing schools, doctors, and hospitals to promote and/or actually do either hormone or surgical transgender treatment of minors without telling their parents. That is insane and the worst child abuse in US history since we know that 70-80% of those kids will find out that they were indeed the sex they were born with once they are adults. And after they have that gender change treatment, they commit suicide 20 times more than their peers that remain the gender that they were born with. As Plato said over 2,000 years ago “To have a good society children must be exposed to good material and shielded from bad material”. Bombarding children with this LGBTQ gender confusion is as bad as it gets!


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  1. The gender confused have a mental disorder that merits therapy.
    Never mind that according to the best studies—the ones that even some transgender activists themselves cite, 80 to 95 percent of children with gender dysphoria will come to identify with and embrace their bodily sex.
    A rational thinking persons knows children with gender confusion should NOT have sex reassignment surgery or be given puberty blocking drugs

  2. Can you post this article in that Congresswoman’s feed? The one who put up the gender less flag in support of her daughter, whom she had started conversion therapy process when the child was 12? Who voted for her, by the way? Everyone admitting that??

  3. Thank you for the research and article. Can you please cite the original source studies and polls, especially for the statistics? This is a hot topic in my circles and I would love to use some of these numbers but I need to substantiate them.
    This is an incredibly important topic in our world today.