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Rossi: The Axis Alliance and Appeasement Are Back. Is WWIII Around the Corner?




By Randy Rossi - 

Anybody who passionately studies history has to be amazed to see how the world is repeating the same horrible mistakes that caused WWII which resulted in the death of 65 million people around the world. What caused WWII? First came the “Axis Alliance” which involved 3 brutal and immoral nations. Those nations included evil Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and dictatorial and barbaric Japan. All three had a goal of ruling their part of the world and spreading their horrific beliefs of superiority and enslavement. Sadly, as these terrible nations attacked their neighbors and enslaved them, the free world which were known as the “Allies” in WWI including Britain, France, the US, and many other free European countries  sat by and did nothing. Even worse they kept appeasing the Axis Alliance and even sacrificed the freedom of some nations and broke their promises to protect them (Czechoslovakia) hoping that they would be able to avoid war and keep their economies going even though Germany, Italy, and Japan were invading former allies and killing millions of people. Of course in the end, appeasement didn’t work, the Axis Alliance kept breaking their word and attacking their neighbors until WWII started and 65 million people died. Sadly, today we have a new Axis Alliance and once again the Allies are appeasing the Axis Alliance allowing them to get stronger and invade free nations which threatens freedom and peace and makes WWIII highly likely.

Any rational and informed adult who watches the news today can see that we are sadly repeating the tragedy of WWII. The new Axis Alliance is Communist China, barbaric Russia, and the world’s worst terrorist nation, Iran. This week we just learned that China signed a 25 year alliance with that horrible terrorist nation Iran, to support each other’s immoral and violent goals. Just as China and Russia have promised to support each other. The similarity between this new Axis Alliance and the Axis Alliance of WWII is truly scary because we know their plan to attack freedom and peace. Hitler told the world his goal was to eliminate the Jews and conquer Europe in his book “Mein Kampf” which he wrote and published 15 years before WWII which was ignored by the world until WWII started. Chairman Mao of China wrote a 100 Year strategic plan with the goal of China controlling the global economy by 2049 and to rebuild the great Ming Dynasty. Thankfully Michael Pillsbury, the top China advisor for every US president from Reagan to Obama who spoke Mandarin got a copy of Mao’s plan and shared it with the free world in his fantastic book “The Hundred Year Marathon”. Yet the free world doesn’t seem to care as America and Europe ship their jobs to China and make themselves totally dependent on a country with a goal of ruling the world and putting them out of business. Today China’s leader Xi Jingping has made it clear he is following Mao’s strategic plan to the letter with the same goal of ruling the world by 2049 as they have over 1 million religious people in concentration camps which they use for slave labor just like Hitler did. Just like Hitler kept invading neighboring countries, China has illegally taken over Hong Kong, has promised to take over Taiwan, has illegally taken over the South China Sea, and has threatened other countries like India and Burma. But Europe and America don’t seem to care as long as they can get cheap products from China and can make billions of dollars selling their products to China which has a population (customers!) 4 times bigger than America. Sadly, today’s Allies (America, Japan, and Europe) put profits and lower military spending ahead of freedom and morality. Just like the Allies did just before WWII.

The real tragedy of WWII is it could have been avoided if Western Europe and America had enforced the Treaty of Versailles which ended WWI while Germany was still essentially unarmed and bankrupted. That treaty dramatically reduced Germany’s military power and reduced its geographic size to reduce its threat to the world. It forbid Germany from rearming so it could never again be a threat to freedom. Sadly, even though they knew Hitler’s plan, the Allies allowed Hitler to break that treaty and dramatically rearm Germany while the Allies sat by and did nothing because they didn’t want to invest their money to rearm themselves so that they could stand up to Hitler. They put saving money over protecting peace and freedom. Today, the Allies are doing exactly the same thing. While the Allies reduce their military spending and the ability to defend themselves to save money; China, Russia, and Iran are dramatically increasing their military spending to increase their strength just as Hitler, Mussolini, and Japan did. On top of that, instead of standing up against the new Axis Alliance , today’s Allies are appeasing the new Axis Alliance just like the Allies of WWI did. There is a great new book that is out which clearly explains how this tragic appeasement strategy caused WWII  and why it will lead to a new disaster if the Allies keep following it today with the new Axis Alliance. That great and truly scary book is “Appeasement” by Tim Bouverie. It is scary because every day I watch the news, I watch America and Europe continue to appease China, Iran, and Russia as they work hard to destroy freedom and democracy, exactly like the Allies appeased the first Axis Alliance before WWII. The conclusion of the book “Appeasement” is that one can summarize what caused WWII and the death of 65 million people in one word, Appeasement! If we keep betraying freedom, morality, and strength; we know how the movie will end and it is not a happy ending. And that tragedy is not that far away if we keep it up.

The good news is that WWIII and violence can be avoided if the free people of the world simply isolated those Axis Alliance nations and stop buying their products and stop doing business with them. I call that the peaceful “Wallet War” which would put them out of business, shut down their economies, and force them to act like civilized nations. If every American and European citizen boycotted Chinese made products and the US and European companies that promote them, China would change their ways or go bankrupt. If the world stopped buying Russian and Iranian oil and gas, they would go out of business and be irrelevant. And the good news is that we don’t need cowardly politicians or greedy corporations to get this done. “We the People” can do it by ourselves with our wallets! That is a heck of a lot easier than eventually fighting the new Axis Alliance in WWIII!


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