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5 White Farmers Sue Over Loan Forgiveness Only for Blacks, Other Minorities



Photo: Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty

Christopher Baird owns a dairy farm near Ferryville in southwest Wisconsin, not far from the Mississippi River. He milks about 50 cows and farms approximately 80 acres of pasture.

Like a lot of farmers, Baird has direct loans through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency. 

But the dairy farmer isn’t entitled to a new FSA loan-forgiveness program provided as part of COVID-19 relief in the $2 trillion American Rescue Plan Act, legislation touted Wednesday night by President Joe Biden in his address to Congress

Baird is white. He joined four other white farmers last week in suing federal officials over being left out.



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  1. Republicans are afraid to touch end affirmative action how do you cure past discrimination with more discrimination? I didn’t discriminate or oppress anybody but yet I continue to be punished for it. It hurt so bad when I was laid off in 2008 house in foreclosure I would apply/interview for jobs see affirmative action, bilingual, and women/minorities encouraged to apply no job for me my family loses their house I hate being so resentful shame on both political parties.