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Dems stall forensic audit proposal



Dieterich, IL – A House Resolution calling for a forensic audit of all state spending continues to stall on the House despite unanimous, bipartisan support in Committee, according to the resolution’s sponsor State Representative Adam Niemerg (R-Dieterich).

A forensic audit is a systematic evaluation of the effectiveness of state government’s internal controls over the various programs and agencies.

“A forensic audit is much more than just accounting for the dollars and cents spent on particular programs,” Niemerg said. “A forensic audit would get to the heart of what programs are working, where wasteful spending exists and how good a job the state is doing in administering various programs. The need for a forensic audit in Illinois is long overdue.”

House Joint Resolution passed the State Government Administration Committee on April 28th without any opposition, but the bill has yet to be called for a vote on the House floor.

“There is strong bipartisan support for my resolution, and I think it would pass if it were ever called for a vote,” Niemerg said. “I keep hearing that there is concern about what a forensic audit would cost, but the cost of state government mismanagement is far, far greater. A forensic audit could save taxpayers billions. We just need the political will to get this done.”


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