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Schimpf Proposes Illinois Parents’ Bill of Rights



Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 11.45.07 AMCHICAGO -  Paul Schimpf, Republican candidate for Governor and retired Marine announced an Illinois Parents' Bill of Rights in a press conference by Zoom today.  He made the following comment during this press conference:

"Over the past several years, Illinois parents have seen governments infringe upon their ability to raise their children in the manner of their choosing.  Too often, the Illinois House and the Illinois Senate act as if they are 118 and 59 member school boards, making curriculum decisions for school districts and passing unfunded mandates. The time has come to reset and readjust the relationship between the parents of Illinois and their government. That is why I am unveiling this Illinois Parents Bill of Rights this morning," Schimpf said in a statement. 

The wording of the Bill of Rights takes in issues such as parents rights to choose the system of education of their choice; protecting girls' sports; control over their children's medical and physical decisions and others – a rather bold move in light of today's controversies:


Parents, not the government, have the authority and responsibility to raise their child ldren to the best of their ability in accordance with their values. The following rights shall be given to Illinois parents who are raising minor children.

  1. Parents, acting through locally elected school boards, have the right to control public schools in their respective districts. Local school boards will make curriculum, safety, and closure decisions. Children have the right to a public education free from political indoctrination of any kind.
  2. The ability of parents to educate their children through homeschooling or enrollment in private schools shall not be infringed by the state of Illinois. No official representing the state of Illinois shall have the authority to order the closure of private schools.
  3. Parents with daughters shall have the right to see their daughters flourish by having a fair chance to compete in sporting activities where they are not at a biological disadvantage due to their sex.
  4. The parent, not the state, has primary responsibility and authority for the physical and mental wellness of their children. Parents will have knowledge and control over of any medical procedures and medicine that a child may be provided. Furthermore, schools will not provide non-emergency medical treatment or medical referrals to a child without the consent of a parent or a court order.
  5. A parent shall be present during (or consulted prior to) the custodial questioning of their child by law enforcement personnel.
  6. Parents have the right to review video footage (including footage from body cameras) and social media content of their child that is in the possession of law enforcement personnel or school administrators.
  7. Parents, not the state, will control the transition from childhood to adulthood of their children. Parents have the right to “opt out” of subjects taught in public and private schools in which they choose not to have their children participate.
  8. Parents have the right to have the taxes for schools go to either the public school or the private school of their choice.


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  1. No taxes for private schools.
    Trans gender kids should play on a team that aligns with their gender identity. Doing anything else is discriminatory, and hurtful.
    Education around political theories and critical thinking is WAY more important than hiding political thought that may be different from a parents point of view- the proposal above does a disservice to the bright minds that are our country’s future. As well as to parents who want to raise children to be independent thinkers.
    Regarding curriculum- let the educators make the decision on what is taught in public schools is the right approach as long as it is fair and meets solid, proven curriculum.

  2. NO, Trans gender kids should NOT play on a team that aligns with their gender identity. Doing anything else is insanity and an attack on truth & reality.
    Science deniers want biological boys competing with biological girls.

  3. It was reported science denier President Joe Biden issued an executive order on his first day in office mandating that any schools which receive federal funding must allow biological males who claim to be females, known as transgender boys, to compete against girls in girl sports. Science deniers, President Biden and liberals push the false notion that transgender boys and biological women are exactly the same. They are not. In 2019, the Journal of Medical Ethics published a study of evidence-based science that is contrary to Biden’s anti-science ideology. This scientific study concluded that transgender athletes born male have an “intolerable,” or overwhelming advantage over biological women in athletic competition. Which should be a surprise to no one, when you consider sex change is biologically impossible. The paper stated healthy male test subjects “did not lose significant muscle mass” or power when their testosterone levels were suppressed below the guidelines for transgender athletes. The study found these biological males could retain their muscle mass through training and that because of muscle memory, their mass and strength could be “rebuilt” through training. Transgender hormones do not “level the playing field” in athletics between biological males and females. This forcing of biological girls to compete against transgender boys gives the biological boys an unjust and dishonest competitive advantage. President Biden is an obvious science denier and like a dictator is unconstitutionally forcing his ideology onto taxpayer- funded school students.

  4. I agree with what Paul wrote. Time for a serious change. I heard this past year my child’s teacher praising children for picking communism. Now we have these weird cirriculums being added to our public schools teaching a new sex ed, the Lincoln project which praises Antifa as heroes and craps on our Men and women who serve, critical race theory ITS A BIG HELL NO FOR ME!