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Top Ten Things Donald Trump Got Right



UnnamedThink of the millions of lives lost and harmed as a result of these lies and this censorship.

“Reporting the news” means relaying what is happening in the world.  Humans do this.  Humans are biased.  So “reporting the news” has always been a biased business.

For whatever reason, nigh since its inception, “reporting the news” has been biased in an almost wholly Leftward direction.

Before electronic media – before electricity – newspapers were the news.  And newspapers were initially honest about their biases.  Because we used to be honest about humans and human nature.



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  1. One is the statement of Mr. Trump, on January 6, 2021, that “If you don’t fight like hell for your country, you’re not going to have one.” Another sadly resonating truism is the one allegedly made by the Capitol Breach rioter Riley June Williams, a seven word sentence that sums up our predicament: “There are no longer any political solutions.” An even more disturbing insight that keeps entering my consciousness is one attributed to the writer Guillaume Faye: “When you are forced to choose between violence and extinction, regrettably, the only correct moral choice is violence.”