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Di Leo: A Man Chosen for Us by Our Betters



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By John F. Di Leo - 

Something struck me today that I really hadn’t fully absorbed until now.

Oh, I had an idea.  We all did.  But there’s one revealing aspect that only hit home to me today.

We all knew that Joe Biden was in the early stages of – something… some form of senility, dementia, Alzheimer’s, I don’t know – way back in 2019. We could tell at the beginning of the primaries that he was at least in the early stages.

The Democratic Party did this to us. Not just the DNC, but Democrat leaders in multiple states, the party bosses, the ones with the power to change the way caucuses were counted to suit their needs.  They are our betters after all; they get to choose our leader. So they did.

They knew his condition – no honest onlooker could miss it – but they pushed him on us anyway, obviously figuring they could control him. 

Give him a script to read on the teleprompter, help him answer questions with a speaker in his ear, coddle him throughout the first two years… then have him resign on Jan 21, 2023 so that Kamala Harris can get ten years in the office. 

If he dies on his own in that time, fine. If he doesn’t, end it after two years.  Done.

Good plan… they thought.

But what they didn't count on was his dementia being swift.  They didn't expect his mind to collapse this fast.

Now their timeframe is off; they're unsure what to do.

Imagine the conversations in the cloakrooms and the party headquarters. 

Should we talk him into resigning for his health?

Take him out via the 25th amendment?

Impeach him?

Or something worse… fiddle with a staircase, or meddle with his meds? (Don’t think they haven’t thought of it. These people don’t have moral compunctions about such things).

They clearly haven't come to agreement yet, because they didn’t realize he’d be so bad, such an embarrassment, so soon.

And so, putting two and two together at last, here's what hit me today:

These people didn't REALIZE that this could happen.

These people – the dark powers behind the throne – must be so insulated from real life… so uncaring about their own older relatives… they really didn't realize how unpredictable senility can be.

If any of us – normal people like you and me, I mean – were asked how long it takes to go totally senile from the first warning signs, we would say it's impossible to tell.

We know that some people start losing their memory slowly over ten or fifteen years; and we know that others go “from hale to gone” in just a year or two.

It’s heartbreaking, either way.

We all know this, don’t we? We've all seen parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts – sometimes, even our own siblings or children – suffer terribly from this awful disease.

We know how unpredictable it is, and how hard it is to watch a loved one endure this painful decline.

So, if we think about it now, in this context, we will learn something – something serious and important – about the bosses of the Democratic Party.

The fact that these people didn't anticipate this – that they didn't realize how unpredictable Joe Biden's timeframe might be – shows how disconnected from the real world these party bosses really are.

They've had relatives suffer this way too. They must have.  We all have.

But they must be the kind who – once they realize that relative is no use to them anymore – never visited again, never paid attention to them again.  So they had no personal frame of reference to draw on, no ability to anticipate the possibilities.

These people are our rulers today.

And unless we fix our broken election system, they will remain our rulers permanently.

Copyright 2021 John F. Di Leo

John F. Di Leo is a Chicagoland-based trade compliance trainer, transportation manager, writer and actor.  He has written for Illinois Review since 2009. 

A collection of John’s semi-fictional stories explaining vote fraud in America, The Tales of Little Pavel, is available on Amazon in paperback or eBook… and look for his forthcoming political satire, “Evening Soup with Basement Joe” any day now!

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  1. I am ready to find these three reporters and slap them, or spank them, or worse: LESLIE DICKSTEIN, MARIAH ESPADA and SIMMONE SHAH. They wrote this story in Time magazine in February–“The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign that Saved the 2020 Election.” Bet they are in hiding.