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FOP President Catanzara: Call the Mayor’s office: Enough is Enough



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CHICAGO – Fraternal Order of Police: Chicago Lodge No. 7 President John Catanzara went live on Facebook hours after Chicago Police Officer Ella French was tragically shot to death in a traffic stop. His words were frank, and he called for the public to oust the politicians responsible – including the mayor and the state's attorney.

"Call your elected officials and tell them 'Enough is enough,'" Catanzara said.

When Mayor went into the hospital to meet with French's partner, who was also critically injured in the shooting, Lightfoot was confronted by his father, a retired Chicago Police officer. As she left the hospital the officers waiting on the University of Chicago Medical Center stood in support of the officers' families with their backs to Mayor Lightfoot.

"Thankfully, the men and women turned their backs on the Mayor on the 7th floor … and I'm so proud of them," Catanzara said in the Live video.

The photo above is reported to be of the scene when the officers turned their backs Saturday night and was posted on Chicago Alderman Raymond A. Lopez' Facebook page.


Catanzara's response is below: 


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  1. Yes, enough is enough. Time to lock up violent felons instead of failed catch-and-release policies. Time to stop blaming the police for crimes committed by felons bent on destruction. Time to stop waiting for “the community” to turn in their felons. Time to stop putting felons out on I-Bonds and electronic monitoring. Time to stop telling the law-abiding not to carry guns and know how and when to use them. Time to stop electing liberal Democrats who coddle felons. Time to stop giving good time credit in State prisons to repeat felony offenders.