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Thorner/O’Neil: Get informed. Then Act.



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By Nancy Thorner & Bonnie O'Neil - 

Pew Research has been around for a long time and has a good reputation. The organization seeks citizens’ opinions about a variety of different issues and subjects in order to better understand the direction the USA is headed based on their public opinion polling.

Conservatives can/should make their views more public, because our political opponents are doing so and thus having an influence on how people view specific aspects of our society and lives.

Unfortunately, many, maybe even most American citizens, avoid much of what happens politically.  A big mistake, for politicians make our rules and decide the direction of our nation.  Obviously, their influence on our lives is of importance. "We the people" elect them.  Most of our elected officials are smart enough to pay attention to our opinions, but WE are responsible for contacting them with our input.  It is our responsibility to write and/or call our officials, especially those whom we elect in our state, county and city. 

Expressing our views with one another is also important.  Our informed opinions can influence others who haven’t the time or inclination to become informed about politicians and/or proposed political changes on our ballot. Making informed decisions is essential.  Providing organizations, like the Pew Research Center, with our opinions can also be important, as various media sources report public opinions to politicians.  

Writing letters to the editors of news sources and our specific political officials is particularly effective as they depend upon our votes to be re-elected.

Providing accurate and informed information to officials as well as to our friends, neighbors, and relatives can make a difference in the outcome of an election.     
Of course, sharing information with others requires that we be sure of the accuracy of our statements and/or advice.  One of the most difficult challenges is listening to our political opponents with an open mind and/or knowing and sharing facts about the candidates.
One warning is that those slick flyers that reach our mailboxes during an election cycle are not always the best and most accurate way to decide which candidate deserves your vote.  
Although it’s important to check out a variety of sources, be sure to check out this site and consider joining.  It is one way to have your views known, considered, and reported.


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