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Kinzinger will not run again for US Congress


CHANNAHON – Adam Kinzinger says he will not run for the US Congress again in 2022 in a video released Friday morning.

"Dehumanizing each other has become the norm," Kinzinger said in the announcement. "We've taken it from social media to the streets. We've allowed leaders to reach power welling the false premise that strength comes from degrading others.  And dehumanizing those that look, act of think differently than we do.

As a country, we've fallen for those lies and now we face a poisoned country filled with outrage blinding our ability to achieve real strength," he went on to say. "It has become increasingly obvious to me that as a country, we must unplug from the mistruths we've been fed." 

He said he has a "broader fight" nationwide to address rather than represent his district. "This isn't the end of my political future, but the beginning…" 

Once again confirming his belief that he, as a Republican representing central Illinois, did the right thing when he voted to impeach President Donald Trump, he suggests that vote caused him and others to potentially pay a price in his district. 

Kinzinger is the second GOP member of US Congress that voted to impeach Trump to announce they are not seeking re-election. The first was Rep. Anthony Gonzales of Ohio.

Trump's response to Kinzinger's announcement: 

Kinzinger's announcement video: 

Illinois Review began covering Adam Kinzinger in August, 2009 – when he was serving as the youngest member of the McLean County Board in Bloomington. Here's what he had to say then:


  1. Question is, what should Catalina do now?
    CD11 is +15 Biden. Can she unseat Foster by picking off center-left votes like mine? I certainly would vote for her, if I were in CD11.
    Or she could try for a state-wide race.
    Catalina is well-spoken and intelligent. Charismatic. She’s embodies the future of the IL GOP.
    Catalina already accomplished one goal: Thanks to the fact that IL Democratic establishment realized that Catalina was likely to defeat Kinzinger in the CD16 primary, Democrats did not save Kinzinger’s seat

  2. He DID do the “thing”… in his case the LEFT thing.
    OUR job now is to make sure he NEVER holds any other publicly elected office.
    He should just join his pals in the Democrat Party, but I’ll bet they won’t trust him, either!
    Don’t talk to us Conservatives about morals. The Democrats placed a lying, senile old man in as a squatter in the White House, by way of massive vote fraud.

  3. Re the Russia Collusion Hoax
    According to scientific polling conducted in 2017, 2018 and 2019, a higher percentage of Dems believed that HRC beat DJT, compared to the percentage of GOPers who believe that DJT beat BasementDweller.
    And where was the outrage from Kinzinger then? Where was the outrage from the media estalishment?
    In fact, the media establishment celebrated bureaucrats who lied to the American people, who told the American people that DJT was not a lawful president, and that he should be removed.
    That’s why I, a Mexican-American center-lefter, continue to support DJT.
    No politician has ever had to endure what DJT endured during his first term.
    And this is why he deserves our vote, were he to run again

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