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Upper Midwest Law Center files lawsuits over CRT in workplace




Can a company discriminate against their employees based on the color of their skin in 2021? One of Minnesota’s most storied corporations, Honeywell, Inc. believes it can.

Honeywell fired Chuck Vavra this summer for refusing to buy into a company-sponsored CRT narrative that accused this mild-mannered engineer of being part of an oppressor class, simply because he is white. Vavra pushed back against this racist accusation and another narrative that portrayed his black colleagues as victims who can’t act in their own best interest.

That sounds too familiar for those of us following the divisiveness occurring in Minnesota schools, as teachers classify students by their skin color and make broad generalizations based on their oppressor/victim status.

A lawsuit being brought by our friends at the Upper Midwest Law Center on behalf of Vavra and another employee will test a simple legal theory: can you be treated differently in the workforce based on the color of your skin? Their press release is below.



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