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US Census shows nearly 4 in 10 US adults live alone



Page_1-0_gfx3From The Christian Post - 

About four out of 10 adults in the United States are living without a romantic partner, which is part of a growing trend, according to a new report by Pew Research Center.

Using census data, Pew noted in a report Tuesday that 38% of U.S. adults in 2019 were neither living with a spouse or other romantic partner, which was an increase from the 29% reported in 1990.

By contrast, 53% of adults in 2019 were married, representing a decline from the 64% reported in 1990. Meanwhile, 6% of adults were co-habitating in 2019, up from 4% in 1990.

"The growth in the single population is driven mainly by the decline in marriage among adults who are at prime working age," Pew Senior Researcher Richard Fry and Pew Director of Social Trends Research Kim Parker wrote in an analysis.

"While the unpartnered population includes some adults who were previously married (those who are separated, divorced or widowed), all of the growth in the unpartnered population since 1990 has come from a rise in the number who have never been married."

The researchers concluded that this growing single population had "broad societal implications, as does the growing gap in well-being between partnered and unpartnered adults."

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  1. College educated Women don’t want to marry or be with men without a college degree even though there is a big imbalance more women with degrees. Many men make more money better benefits than Women with college degrees working union trade jobs lol.

  2. So they marry men with college degrees but no handyman skills, so the degree-duo have to PAY another man with mechanical skills to have every bit of maintenance done around the house?
    Where’s the economy in THAT?