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Rossi: Democrat President Biden’s Open Border “Garbage” & Plunging Approval Rates




By Randy Rossi - 

The USA has never had a president who has been so negligent about protecting our border and our national sovereignty than Democrat President Joe Biden. The bad news for America is that this gross negligence is causing massive damage to our economy, safety, and the rule of law. The only good news is that President Biden’s gross negligence on this critical issue as well as his Afghanistan disaster and his damage to our children’s educations through his administration’s endless attacks on our traditional American values in our schools has resulted in plunging approval ratings with the American voters. In the latest USA Today/Suffolk University poll, President Biden’s approval rating has dropped to 37.8% and his disapproval rating is 59% which is abysmal. In that poll, 64% of Americans said they do not want Biden to run for reelection. As bad as Biden’s approval ratings are, Democrat VP Kamala Harris has a 27.8% approval rating in that same poll!

Even though much of the “Fake News” are not reporting on the chaos at our southern border to protect Biden, the American people have become aware of the chaos there and the fact that we had the most illegal immigrant arrests in US history in fiscal 2021, just one year after Republican President Donald Trump dramatically reduced illegal immigration by building a wall and working with Mexico to stop illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants cost you the tax payer hundreds of billions of dollars and they overwhelm our schools, hospitals, and other public services which hurts American citizens and legal immigrants. As bad as all that is, President Biden is about to make it even worse by rewarding illegal immigrants with payments with your tax dollars. This news first came out from the Wall Street Journal last week which reported that Joe Biden’s administration was going to give the parents of illegal immigrants caught at the border $450,000 each for separating them and their children. When asked about this at a public news conference by Fox reporter Peter Dooce, President Biden said that was “garbage”. Then the very next day the Biden administration said it was not garbage and they were indeed working with the ACLU to pay those illegal immigrants that were separated from their children at the border by the Trump administration to protect those children and put them in safe accommodations. Incredibly, this went from “Garbage” to truth in just one day! And not only was Biden not embarrassed by his obvious lie or “memory malfunction”, he yelled at anybody that feels it is wrong to reward illegal behavior and blamed it on the Trump administration!

Here is a quick IQ test. What happens if a U.S. citizen who is a parent commits a robbery or murder and convicted for that crime? They are put in jail and separated from their children. That is tragic for the kids, but that is the rule of law. Illegal immigrants that risk their children’s lives by hiring drug cartels to illegally bring them across our border are knowingly breaking the law and putting their children at great risk. That was their choice and it is their responsibility. The fact that the Trump administration put those kids in safe places to protect them while their parents are being prosecuted for breaking the law is not only the right thing to do, it is humane. Life is simple folks, if you reward bad behavior you will get more of it. If you punish bad behavior, you get less of it. GOP President Trump punished illegal immigration and it declined. Democrat President Biden is rewarding illegal immigration and creating massive harm and danger to our country and the rule of law. Thank goodness the new polls show that the American people “smell a rat” with Democrat Joe Biden and will hold him accountable in the next elections as they just did in Virginia electing a Republican Governor and Lt. Governor for the first time in 12 years!


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