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U.S. Policy Options for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics



2022_Winter_Olympics_official_logo.svgBeijing’s gross human rights abuses and cover-up of COVID-19 make it clear that China is not a suitable host for the 2022 Olympic Games. Olivia Enos writes:

The 2022 Winter Olympics are scheduled to take place in Beijing—despite the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) well-documented and gross human rights violations. Whenever concerns over human rights arise during the Olympics, the international community defaults to the idea of a boycott, despite its ineffectiveness during the Moscow 1980 Olympics. The desire to act, and not grant unintended approval to atrocity crimes as the U.S. did when Nazi Germany hosted in 1936, is a good impulse. However, there are other options—that do not punish American athletes, and also do not fail to hold human rights violators accountable. The U.S. should consider and explore policy options beyond a boycott, and instead postpone the 2022 Olympics for the purposes of selecting a new rights-respecting host.

[Olivia Enos, "U.S. Policy Options for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics," The Heritage Foundation, July 21]


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