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Bailey taps Trussell as running mate



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LISLE IL – Monday morning, GOP gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey revealed his pick DuPage County conservative and radio talk show host Stephanie Trussell as his lieutenant governor running mate when he launched a statewide bus tour. 

Trussell was picked after several interviews with potential candidates over the past few months. 

Senator Bailey and his wife Cindy were on hand to reveal his choice in the 2022 GOP primary. 

"Cindy and I are thrilled to be here today to introduce to you the newest member of our team," Bailey said. "She’s a hard-working conservative, a fighter, a mother, and grandmother and Illinois’ next lieutenant governor:  Stephanie Trussell."

Trussell, with her husband William and other family members alongside her in the Lisle coffee shop, shared her thoughts:

What an amazing country we live in! A place where one born on the West side of Chicago, who spent her high school years working at the Maywood McDonald’s can stand here today as a candidate for lieutenant governor.

I love our country and I love Illinois. It’s the heartland of America. But political leaders and the political class have failed us. That’s why I’m so excited to join Darren Bailey’s campaign to restore Illinois.

People say Illinois can’t be fixed, but I’m here to tell you they are wrong. With a Bailey – Trussell ticket, we will bring our great state back.

My mom had me when she was barely 17 years old, yet through her hard work and sacrifices, she was able to send my sister, my brother and me to private schools, scouts, dance lessons on Michigan Avenue and church youth group. She was determined to give us opportunities she never had, laying the foundation for us to become successful adults. One of the most important lessons she taught me was work ethics. Nobody worked than my mom. That’s her back there …

I had my first job at 14 at the corner store and I started working at McDonald’s when I was only 15. At 17, I was a crew chief. By 18, I was a manager. I learned early the value of hard work.

Years later, my eyes were opened to how Democratic policies that were supposed to help me were actually hurting me, making things worse. I kept working an fighting, and eventually my husband and I moved to Lisle – the best kept secret in DuPage County. We immediately felt welcomed.

As I worked hard as a mom raising five children, I also enjoyed serving my community. I’ve been everything from a Cub Scout leader to a room mom to that taxi mom with a mini van driving to and from practice. But what I really loved was sitting in the stands, cheering for the Lisle Lions. I was there when the boys basketball team played the state in 2004. I was there when my daughter played basketball in 2005 when they made it to Sweet 16.  I love my town.

Darren’s life story and mine are a testament that no matter your background, no matter where you start, you are defined by the choices you make and the work you’re willing to put in.

Our work for the people of Illinois is just beginning. While we love this great state, we all know Springfield is broken. It’s so self-evident that it’s almost not worth going into the details.

Over the last decade, hard-working individuals have left Illinois in droves. The majority of those left, looking for better jobs. Twenty percent left because they could not find affordable housing. Sadly, many are leaving because they no longer feel safe.

In the 70s, we played outside even after dark when our parents sat on the porch. We felt safe. Today, crime rates are the highest they’ve been in decades. Taxes, the cost of living, crime on the streets – these are real problems that we ought to know J.B. Pritzker can’t, hasn’t and won’t fix.

We need real common sense policy solutions. We need leadership that will fight to defend our police, not defund them. We need to get the Woke Left’s political agenda out of the classrooms once and for all.

It’s time for us to help our kids chase their dreams, not to be a victim or hate one another.

Darren and I will demand a zero-base budget that freezes spending with no tax increases. Every department will start at zero and will have to make the case for their funding. We have to stop budgets that spend tax dollars automatically. We’ll implement a review of each spending item. By the end of our second year, we intend to deliver a tax cut to Illinois families.

Better days are ahead for Illinois, but only if we make real, conservative changes. Pritzker is a failure. We can’t afford four more years. It will kill this great state.

Let’s put the days of slick politicians and rich elites that don’t understand behind us. My story has made me the conservative I am today. Growing up on the West side – the best side – I got my first job as a young teenager, raising my five kids – all this didn’t come together without obstacles. But together, all of us, the hard working people of Illinois, will solve challenges and turn our home around.

Darren Bailey is the governor we need for Illinois. Go to IllinoisforBailey.com and join our movement. Let’s get it done.

Thank you! 


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