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Cook County Commissioner calls for Kim Foxx to resign in light of Smollett verdict



Sean Morrison 2015 _1_ORLAND PARK IL – On Wednesday evening, the Cook County jury in the Jussie Smollett case rendered their verdict of guilty on five of the six felony charges against Mr. Smollett, stemming from the hate crime hoax he was found guilty of committing in early 2019.

Cook County Commissioner Sean Morrison (17th) commented on the jury's decision and called for Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx – who was placed in office with the help of billionaire George Soros' campaign funding – to resign.

It took more than two years and a special prosecutor's investigation to finally bring this case to court for resolution. A case that received international attention and threw a harsh and critical spotlight on the city of Chicago and its residents, 

With the verdict finally rendered, what was almost lost in all of this is the serious question: "How did we get here and why?" Fortunately, members of the media have correctly raised this issue – one that needs to be addressed.

Commissioner Morrison then posted this Tweet by Chicago TV personality Ben Bradley: 

Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 11.46.13 AM

It's been made clear by the special prosecutor's investigation that Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx is also culpable in this detestable fiasco. Bravo to WGN News reporter Ben Bradley, who nailed this great point.
So the question remains, what happens next? It's very clear that Kim Foxx's office had its thumb squarely on the scale of justice for a celebrity friend. Elected officials in Cook County should muster their courage and call for her to resign, I’ll start!
In the interest of restoring professional integrity back to the Cook County State's Attorney Office and restoring the public's confidence, I call on Kim Foxx to resign from office immediately.

Foxx was re-elected in 2020 to another four years in office. 


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