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Liberals think they’ve got something on Bailey’s LG pick


Chicago Left Propagandists are gleeful this afternoon as they attempt to scuff up Bailey's pick for LG. Bailey Campaign – Congratulations!  You got their attention – and demanded a response.

The Chicago Media (and the Left-immersed Springfield news sources as well) are giddy as they found a couple of Tweets Trussell circulated in early 2016 that were negative on Donald Trump.

For Pete's sake, big deal. What sane conservative and thoughtful Republican didn't vote for US Senator Ted Cruz or someone other than Trump in the early March 2016 primaries? 

Do you see any leftist media attacking those that supported Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders early on in the 2016 Democrat presidential primaries?  Of course not. 

For us at Illinois Review, this Tweet hysteria is a nothing burger.

We too were uncomfortable with Trump early on. Many thought he was a mere opportunist, an entertainer, a showboat when he did his best for us to take him seriously during his escalator ride to announce his intentions. 

It's what happened after all that that matters. Stephanie Trussell supported Trump when it mattered most.

As we did here on Illinois Review. 

Move on. There's nothing to see here – except for a possibly very interesting 2022 gubernatorial race that will reveal how much the average Illinois voter despises living under tyrannical elitists. 


  1. Here’s some background on Stephanie Trussell from a couple old articles in Illinois Review . . Full disclosure, I’m a little biased as she’s a great candidate and she’s the real deal promoting freedom, liberty, and opportunity. She’s also a huge supporter now of Donald J. Trump and keeping America Great.

  2. I’ve never voted in a GOP primary (Bernie in the 2016 primary, then Tulsi in 2020; DJT in both general elections), but I’m seriously thinking about supporting Bailey/Trussell in the 2022 primary.
    (Does anything happen to a Cook County (Chicago) resident who requests a GOP ballot!!!????)

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