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Thorner: Is compliance a way to tyranny?


By Nancy Thorner –

Just ask the Jews of 1940 Germany or Australians today.

NYC has vax passports, Connecticut now has a vax passport in the works, California is totally locked down, and the Gov. Brown of Oregon is making the wearing of masks mandatory permanently.  See MSN here.  

Brazil has a rule to require vax passports to enter the country.

This story is about a Jew in 1930s Germany.  Nazis had been attacking firearm ownership amongst the populace for a long time – particularly amongst the Jews. The Nazi government ordered a “turn in.” This Jew complied, heading towards the turn-in center with his small pistol. As he waited in line, Nazi police approached him. The Nazi police found the Jew to be in possession of what was now an illegal weapon – even though he was complying and in the process of attempting to turn it in – and sent him to a concentration camp.
The man’s name was Alfred Flatow, who competed in the 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens for one of the most civilized countries in the world, Germany.  Flatow would die in the concentration camps 28 Dec. 1942, according to Nazi records.

The inmates in Australia’s current Covid camps might have a thing or two to add to this (not to mention the folks in New Zealand’s camps.
Could this nation be next in line? 
How long will we the people will tolerate arbitrary power grabs particularly when they aren’t even based in science or reality?  Our founding fathers wouldn’t have stood for this and neither should we.


  1. 12-17-21, No Nancy.
    “ Our founding fathers wouldn’t have stood for this and neither should we.”
    We shouldn’t… but …
    Sadly the masses are ill informed lazy “sheep.”
    Refuse to succumb to the mandates? YES!!

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