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Davis campaign goes on the offense in 15th CD GOP primary



 IL Congress members Rodney Davis and Mary Miller

CHAMPAIGN – GOP Congressman Rodney Davis (IL-15) tossed a political hand grenade to start off what could be a messy week weather-wise in downstate Illinois. While most downstaters are preparing for a possible snow and ice storm midweek, Davis' campaign – represented by Aaron DeGroot (who is married to State Rep. Avery Bourne, the Republican LG candidate with Mayor Richard Irvin) and part of what was once Bruce Rauner's campaign team. 

Davis' campaign spokesperson Aaron DeGroot points to a contribution listed on Congresswoman Mary Miller's Federal Election Commission filings a donation from the controversial anti-Trump Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney. "While no one was looking, Mary Miller took campaign cash from Liz Cheney for the 2022 Primary Election. Mary Miller is the only candidate in this primary to take money from Cheney for the upcoming election." 

Miller's campaign told Illinois Review Mrs. Miller forwarded the $2000 donation to Liz Cheney's 2022 GOP primary opponent Harriet Hageman. 

"Mary Miller is supporting Harriet Hageman for Congress in Wyoming against Liz Cheney and has already forwarded Liz Cheney's 2020 money to Harriet to help defeat Cheney. Mary Miller and Harriet Hageman are both endorsed by President Trump, while Rodney Davis and Liz Cheney are not," Miller's campaign said.

The Davis campaign included a copy of Miller's latest filings, with this donation listed: 

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 12.45.17 PM

After the 2020 Census, Democrats intentionally drew the state's southern districts into a situation that would cause two incumbent Republican Congress members to compete in 2022. Miller was drawn into Mike Bost's 13th CD, leaving much of her previous district in the 15th CD where Davis has served for five terms. The Davis campaign decidedly turned up campaign heat when DeGroot went on to call Miller names such as "carpetbagger," "fraud" and "double-talking hypocrite."

“Not only is Mary Miller a carpetbagger who doesn’t live in this District, she’s a double-talking hypocrite. Her campaign is funded by Liz Cheney. Miller says one thing in Illinois and does another in Washington. Mary Miller is a fraud who can’t be trusted,” Davis campaign spokesperson DeGroot said. 

Miller's campaign sent the following "FACTS" in response: 

  • FACT: Rodney Davis defended Liz Cheney multiple times while she was attacking President Trump and said, “Liz is a good friend, and I thought she did a good job as conference chair” (NPR, 5/12/21)
  • FACT: When Mary Miller voted against Liz Cheney for leadership, Rodney Davis said "I am a big supporter of Liz. I am a big fan…I would've been there as a supporter of Liz"(Politico, 5/13/21).
  • FACT: Rodney Davis said he DOES NOT support removing Adam Kinzinger from his committee assignments or the Republican Conference because they are friends (Chicago Sun Times, 7/29/21).

Miller's campaign included the following photo of Harriet Hageman and Rep. Mary Miller:

Mary Miller with Harriet Hageman


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  1. Rodney Davis is pathetic. No sane person believes Mary Miller is some kind of liberal plant. This is the same crap that Raunerites said about Jeanne Ives. I’m not voting for Richard Irvin if he’s the Republican gubernatorial nominee either. Irvin’s running mate Avery Bourne is a sellout just like her soy latte drinking twig boy husband.

  2. Mary will beat Rodney like a drum. I am looking forward to voting for her in a statewide run. She is the best Illinois politician I have ever met and I’ve met hundreds. She has the conservative integrity of my retiring friend Tom Morrison with the natural ease and articulation of a Reagan. She is at the very top level of anyone I’ve met in politics like Ron DeSantis and Jim Demint.