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Facebook is a symptom of a much deeper Big Tech problem




Facebook changing its name to Meta will not change the fact that all social media platforms make promises they can’t keep.

At this point, most have heard about Frances Haugen, the whistleblower who leaked documents to the Wall Street Journal this fall detailing how Facebook knew about many of the downsides of its platform, yet chose to prioritize engagement. The documents outline, among other things, how Facebook introduced new reactions in addition to the Like button and then ranked content that received extreme reactions, such as anger, higher. Polarizing content then took precedent over posts created by family and friends. The response to these revelations has been intense media coverage, calls from politicians for greater control, and a great deal of buzz around the downsides of Facebook.



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  1. If you have children forbid their use of social media, do not let them use Google (there are alternatives). This stuff feeds personality disorders and further unbalances the mentality unstable.
    If you are an adult do not use these companies. I own, run several businesses. We host our own websites and manage to prosper whiteout Twitter, Facebooks, AWS, Google etc. I have never ordered a thing from Amazon in my entire life and get along fine. And I get along without a cell phone just fine.