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Weyermuller: March For Life Chicago 2022 Saturday at Federal Plaza



Weyermuller photos from past marches

By Mark Weyermuller

The annual March for Life Chicago 2022 is back in person this Saturday, January 8, 2022, with supporters of life gathering at the Federal Plaza at 230 South Dearborn Street in downtown Chicago. It’s the corner of Jackson and Dearborn with the march starting at 1pm.

Last year the march was modified to be just a car parade through the loop, so people are excited to be back in person this year. The organizers expect several thousand people to attend Saturday. 



Weather predictions are looking good for January with a high of 38, slight chance of some snow flurries. The march coincides with the 49th anniversary of the Roe Vs Wade Supreme Court decision on January 22, 1973 legalizing abortion.  The complete schedule for Saturday below:


The National March For Life will  be Friday, January 21, 2022 in Washington D.C. with a theme saying “Equality begins in the Womb.”  This is their website: https://marchforlife.org/
The Chicago convention and march are free with activities starting at 8am on Saturday at the Hilton Hotel located 720 South Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. The march itself starts at 1pm at the Federal Plaza a few blocks away from the hotel. For more information, here is the website: 
Mark Weyermuller is a small business person, retired real estate professional, law & order supporter, tax payer advocate, and conservative activist in Chicago. He is a citizen journalist, frequent guest on talk radio, and regular contributor to Illinois Review. 



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  1. Although I can’t physically participate, I am with you in thought, prayer, and spirit to ask for the nation, the world, to turn to life, understand the horrors of the destruction of our babies, our future and God’s tiny souls.
    As an RN who provided maternal child care and nursing leadership in in large facilities in 3 midwestern states I’ve seen the anguish created in destroying our future generations and God’s patience in contk using to allow free will to continue…while showing us exactly what we are doing…..with evidence of life having been confirmed!
    Hence this is no longer happening via ignorance…but selfishness and hate. We must stand strong and protect the gift God has given us in new life!

  2. Mark ~
    Just an FYI regarding a weapon being used more and more by parents across the country; Surety Bonds. It seems like it’s the law that public servants be bonded, including school board members, and that what they’re doing violates their bond regulations. Some members have been removed by this method. Just search
    “Surety Bonds”. Good luck.