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Will COVID positive patrons with vaccination proof be welcomed in Chicago eateries?




CHICAGO – As of January 3rd, 2022, anyone five and older will need to show proof that they've been vaccinated before certain businesses may allow entrance. The reasons for this new mandate in not only the City of Chicago, but Cook County are these: 

  • to keep each other safe
  • to help businesses stay open
  • to reduce the spread of COVID-19

But the new mandate is raising confusion. Vaccinated persons are being hit with Omicron, the latest COVID strain. While they may be able to show proof of vaccinations, their passports do not assure anyone they are safe to be around or that they could spread COVID-19. 

Reports over the weekend are that fully-vaccinated notables such as Illinois Congress members Jan Schakowsky (D-Evanston), Bobby Rush (D-Chicago) and Chuy Garcia (D-Chicago) are all dealing with COVID. 

Would they still be able to go out for a drink and meal in Chicago and Cook County despite being COVID carriers? If they had the right cards showing they've been vaccinated, yes. They would. But those not ill that can't show they're fully vaccinated will be banned.


Locations in Chicago and all of Cook County that will require proof of vaccination include

  • Indoor Dining: Establishments where food or beverages are served, including, but not limited to, restaurants, bars, fast food establishments, coffee shops, tasting rooms, cafeterias, food courts, dining areas of grocery stores, breweries, wineries, distilleries, banquet halls, and hotel ballrooms; and 
  • Indoor Fitness: Gyms and fitness venues, including, but not limited to, gyms, recreation facilities, fitness centers, yoga, Pilates, cycling, barre, and dance studios, hotel gyms, boxing and kickboxing gyms, fitness boot camps, and other facilities used for conducting indoor group fitness classes; and 
  • Indoor entertainment and recreation venues where food or beverages are served: Including, but not limited to, movie theaters, music and concert venues, live performance venues, adult entertainment venues, commercial event and party venues, sports arenas, performing arts theaters, bowling alleys, arcades, card rooms, family entertainment centers, play areas, pool and billiard halls, and other recreational game centers.

The qualifying proof includes:

  • Valid photo ID (age 16+) and
  • Vaccination Card
  • Photocopy of vaccination card
  • Digital record or app or
  • Printed record from vaccine provider

As the mandate stands as it's rolled out Monday, COVID positive patrons that have proof they've vaccinated are welcomed into Chicago businesses, but virus-free patrons that can't prove they've been vaccinated are not. 


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  1. This overtly authoritarian policy ought to do a lot to
    kill even more businesses in Chicago and Cook County.
    Why should anyone put up with this crap to be “allowed” to spend their money in any restaurant or store?

  2. No symphony season tickets for us. We are done with Chicago and most of IL. The last two years we vacationed in Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota. This Christmas we drove to Iowa for Christmas shopping and dining in a maskless environment free from obnoxious virtue signalers.