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Wirepoints: Six sources of Chicago Teachers Union power



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Jesse Sharkey, president of the Chicago Teachers Union, addressed reporters Monday

CHICAGO – The highly-respected Wirepoints.com website is pointing to state lawmakers as a root cause as to why one of the nation's largest school districts is at the mercy of the Chicago Teachers Union. They point out six reasons why they make the claim:

The unions have made a mess of Chicago, but it’s the politicians who are more to blame. They are the ones that either surrender to the union’s demands or grant them even more powers.

It should be easy for every Chicagoan – and each Illinoisan who ends up paying in some way for Chicago’s problems – to tie the many crises created by the CTU to his or her local legislator. Every lawmaker who voted last year to increase the CTU’s bargaining power and/or to put Amendment 1 on the November ballot effectively endorses the union’s actions.

For those Illinoisans looking to hold their elected officials accountable, here are six ways lawmakers are complicit in the CTU’s accumulation of immense power:

  1. The CTU is empowered by some of the most union-friendly collective bargaining laws in the country.
  2. The CTU is emboldened by its long history of striking.
  3. Chicago leaders have consistently appeased the union. 
  4. The union has strong support from its well-compensated members.
  5. The union exercises its clout through millions in political spending and lobbying.
  6. Politicians have encouraged the union by putting Amendment 1 on the November ballot, signaling they favor even more power for public sector unions. 

For a more detailed rationale, visit Wirepoints.com's commentary HERE: "Six Sources of Chicago Teacher Union Power"


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