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Rep. Conroy responds to HB 4640 opposition



ConroyVILLA PARK – Rep. Deb Conroy (D-Villa Park) disagrees with the description Illinois Review made of her proposed HB 4640, which would set up an emergency data collection system of Illinoisans' health care records.

In the past few months, Illinois Democrats have pushed 1. to make unvaccinated persons pay their own COVID-related hospital bills, 2. for a statewide mandatory vaccine registry. Rep. Conroy's measure would provide access to health data that would make private citizens' health information accessible to public agencies to be used to "prevent or control disease."
All of these efforts have been met with strong opposition from average Illinoisans.
Our questions to Rep. Conroy – who is also running for DuPage County Board Chairman: Why is the measure needed if not to be used to "prevent or control disease" as stated in the synopsis? What is the point of such a system if NOT to impose health guidance which could very well include isolation if the empowered county or state agencies deemed it necessary? 

And in response to the claims Rep. Conroy makes in her letter, Illinois Review condemns anyone ever threatening the lives of public officials or their staffs – or anyone else. We cherish every life.

As of this afternoon, over 13,000 witness slips in opposition to her proposal have been filed against Rep. Conroy's HB 4640.  

Her letter as received by Illinois Review Wednesday afternoon:

Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 4.12.08 PM

Rep. Conroy's letter: 

Dear Illinois Review (Ms. Eaton):

I am writing to let you know that your flagrantly false post about HB4640 has resulted in dozens of death threats aimed at my staff and me. It would have taken no more than 5 minutes to verify what the bill did and where it was coming from, but instead you chose to publish false information, I assume with the intention of enraging people in the hopes they would further spread your misinformation.

Your analysis of the HB4640 is foolish at best and maliciously false at worst. It does none of the things you claim. It allows local health departments the ability to employ local health solutions to share data. It does not give any local body the authority to violate someone’s privacy rights and certainly does not allow for anyone to be detained.

In the future, I urge you to double check your information and avoid purposefully encouraging harm against public officials. I am particularly sensitive to this given your actions impact public employees who are working incredibly hard around the clock their very best to provide services to the residents of DuPage during a pandemic.

Do better. Be better.


Deb Conroy
State Representative 46th District

In response from the bill synopsis itself to describe what the measure would do: 

from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 22 410 ILCS 535/24
Creates the Access to Public Health Data Act.
Provides that the Department of Public Health, the Department of Human Services, and the Department of Children and Family Services shall, at the request of a local health department in Illinois, make any and all public health data related to residents of that local health department's jurisdiction available to that local health department for the purposes of preventing or controlling disease, injury, or disability. Provides that the Department of Public Health, the Department of Human Services, and the Department of Children and Family Services may adopt any rules necessary to implement the Act. Contains other provisions. Amends the Department of Public Health Act. Provides that emergency access to medical or health information, records, or data shall include access to electronic health records, provided that the local health authority shall be unable to alter the electronic health records. Provides that a person, facility, institution, or agency providing information under the provisions may withhold a patient's mental or behavioral health history. Amends the Vital Records Act. Provides that no rule adopted by the Department of Public Health shall be construed as restricting access to vital records by any municipality, county, multicounty, public health district, or regional health officer recognized by the Department for the purposes described in specified provisions. Amends the Illinois Controlled Substances Act. Provides that the Department of Public Health may release specified confidential information to a certified local health department engaged in the performance of epidemiological studies, the application of data science methods, or other analytic models that protect and promote public health. Makes other changes.
Again –
In the past few months, Illinois Democrats have pushed to make unvaccinated persons pay their own hospital bills, Illinois Democrats have pushed for a statewide mandatory vaccine registry, and Rep. Conroy wants access to health data that would make private health information accessible to public agencies. 
Our question to Rep. Conroy – who is also running for DuPage County Board Chairman: Why? What is the point if NOT to impose health guidance which could very well include isolation if the empowered agencies deemed it necessary? 


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  1. Perhaps Rep Conroy would like some way of easily identifying people who haven’t complied with government mandates? Maybe she could suggest something that could be sewn on their clothing? I would caution her that use of a 6 pointed gold star has been done in the past and may not be met with success if tried again by a politician. She’ll have to find another symbol to use to label people who don’t agree with her.

  2. Rep. KAREN Conroy:
    From your synopsis,”Provides that the Department of Public Health, the Department of Human Services, and the Department of Children and Family Services may adopt any rules necessary to implement the Act.”
    This to me, sounds like a threat. If you feel that you and the unfortunate folks surrounding you are being threatened, then, you are reaping what you sow.
    Why can’t you be a good politician and just go back to
    fleecing your constituency, trading on Insider tips, simple graft? The things that are usual and customary among your kind. You sound like a frightened, irrational individual; just the kind we all need in government. Oh! just so you know, this is sarcasm.

  3. Conroy can spin it whichever way she likes but the verbiage is clear on the intent of this bill. And the fact that she finger wags you and Illinois Review is just par for the course for someone who doesn’t relate to not only the residents of DuPage County, but the entirety of the state. She should resign.

  4. Yes, it is unfortunate if there have been any threats against Rep Conroy or her staff because that is wrong but that doesn’t take away from the fact this bill was NOT taken out of context by Illinois Review.
    Thank goodness Illinois Review is doing solid journalism that the rest of our msm here Illinois REFUSES to do!
    Illinois Review did not mislead or misinform.
    Many Thanks Illinois Review!

  5. The wording of the bill makes it clear that Representative Conroy fully intends the Department of Public Health to have sweeping powers to order medical treatments, access confidential health information, and override local municipalities if they are “negligent” in enforcing the dictates of the Department of Public Health. The actual wording of the bill clearly states that the Department can isolate or guarantee individuals who are “unwilling” to be observed or to accept ordered medical treatments. If Conroy doesn’t mean these things, they need to be taken out, but as it stands, the words are there. We can only go by what the bill actually says, not what Conroy wants us to believe it says.

  6. Thank you for keeping us informed of government’s overbearing interference of our personal lives and their attempts to violate our rights to live in a free country. I saw her background and I believe Deb Convoy lies about her real motives. I am getting the Illinois Review out to my clients who are interested in submitting their own witness slips against government interference with our lives. I don’t believe her when she says people have threatened her and her employees lives, more overhyped lying to get her way.

  7. I scoured the internet and couldn’t find any news updates about the status of this bill after its 9:00 AM February 2 committee hearing other than this article from Illinois Review.
    Thank you for actually covering this bill, Illinois Review.
    I really wish the media in Illinois did a better job of covering bills like this. This bill had massive pushback with 13,498 opposing witness slips filed as of 9:00 AM on February 3, yet only the Illinois Review bothered to report on it.
    The rest of the media in Illinois, even the corporate RINO conservative media, decided it wasn’t important enough to inform us in the general public about it.
    This just shows that the priorities of the media don’t mesh with those of the general public. They clearly aren’t reporting on issues that regular people care about.
    The synopsis page for this bill on the Illinois General Assembly’s website still shows it as assigned to the Illinois House Human Services Committee.
    I assume that the Illinois political establishment will try to shove it down our throats again at some point in the future and that the media will not cover it at all.
    I would advise checking the synopsis page for this bill on a regular basis if you want to know if it will come up for a committee hearing again.
    Please keep in mind though, that I’m just a regular citizen, and don’t have any insider knowledge on this bill.
    There are now people that I respect from within the conservative movement in Illinois on social media explaining that the interpretation that this bill could result in involuntary quarantine camps was incorrect.
    Once again, I’m just a regular citizen and not an attorney, legal expert, or legal scholar, but I did read the full text of this bill and I still think that it’s an onerous government overreach and intrusion into individuals’ private health information even with the new explanations provided on social media.
    I included a link to the full text of the bill below. I’m not an expert in legalese, but based on what is written here it is still a bad bill that I strongly disagree with.
    At the very least, it seems to be another bill aimed at making it easier for the state to eventually implement a mandatory vaccine registry.
    I see no benefit to this bill, but I do see the potential for government overreach and abuse.
    Yes, I do acknowledge that the government already overreaches and meddles in people’s personal healthcare, but that doesn’t make it right and that doesn’t mean that we should tolerate that or use it as justification for onerous bills like this one.
    I don’t regret speaking out against this bill and encouraging others to speak out on it either.
    As citizens, we all have that right. If someone disagrees, that is also their right.
    If the political establishment in Illinois was actually upfront and straightforward with the bills that they want to impose on us and the media actually covered those bills, then perhaps there would be less “misunderstandings” in the general public over what bills like this really seek to achieve.
    I actually think it’s great when the public has healthy skepticism of their government and media instead of just uncritically believing them.
    The disputes over what this bill really means just highlights the fact that laws should be written in plain English and not legalese that most people can’t understand.
    Why should people tolerate being governed by laws that are written in such arcane language that a normal person of normal intelligence can’t understand what is being said?
    The political establishment can’t reasonably expect we the people to live under the laws that they impose on us if they are written in gibberish that we can’t even understand.
    Our laws need to be written in a clear, straightforward way that is unambiguous, and in a way that a normal person can clearly understand what is being said.

  8. Illinois review,
    Can you do more exposing on this bill which talks about euthanizing animals and charging people with a crime for quote unquote spreading misinformation regarding the department of public health? This bill is outrageous